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Jodha Akbar: Salim Called ‘Illegitimate’ By Islam Organization

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Jodha Akbar March 30th episode: Anarkali comes to know that she has forever misunderstood Salim who is actually a kind and generous human being. Jodha calls Salim and talks about his marriage with Man Bai. Haider becomes impatient to avenge his father’s death.

Shah Iran’s ambassadors visit Agra. Hamida tells Jodha that Shah Iran is a great man and a great friend of the Mughals. Akbar meets the ambassadors and tells Abul Fazal to treat them with grand honour. He invites them to join the evening festival.

Jodha Akbar: Salim Called ‘Illegitimate’ By Islam Organization

In the festival, Akbar honours his queens with new titles to acknowledge their contribution in the service of the nation during the time of high crisis; but Rukaiya becomes envious as the most special honour, the title of Mallika-E-Hind is given to Jodha.

Akbar announces that he is going to add a new feather on Salim’s cap. Salim has already been declared as the royal heir, but after his great service in the war, he is to be acknowledged as the next emperor!

But Akbar is stopped by the ambassadors of Shah Iran before he crowns Salim for the new position. They insist that the emperor should know the message of Shah Iran before he takes this step.

Akbar tells the messengers to read out the message; but they audaciously say that they cannot read out the message in the presence of non-Muslims and women. Akbar is startled. He takes them to another room and says that he is tolerating them only because Shah Iran is a great friend of the Mughals.

The messengers read out the message where it is written that Akbar’s marriage with Jodha cannot be acknowledged by Islam as Jodha has refused getting converted. So, Salim is an illegitimate child and cannot be the heir to the throne of Agra. The messengers continue that still there is way out if Jodha agrees for conversion. Otherwise, the people of the Mughal Kingdom will not be allowed for Haj!

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