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Swaragini: Swara Exposes Ragini & Slaps Her; Ragini Gets Kidnapped; Swara Starts Loving Sanskar!

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In Swaragini, Ragini's (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) dirty tricks continue, which will backfire on her in the upcoming episodes. Ragini had revealed to Swara (Helly Shah) that she is not ill now, and knows about the past. Ragini fakes reuniting Lakshya (Namish Taneja) and Swara.

On the other hand, Lakshya has also realised that he cannot get his love back by forcing Swara and he too fakes his friendship with Swara. He asks Swara to go back to her life and promises to give Ragini, a chance.

Ragini is happy that Lakshya has decided to forgive her and give a chance to their relation. But, Lakshya disappoints Ragini by telling that he lied to Swara. This angers Ragini and she continues to trap Swara.

Ragini is trying to tarnish Swara's image in front of Gadodia and Maheshwari families. Taking advantage of Swara's concern for Ragini, the latter wants to make the families believe that Swara is playing a double game with Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) and Lakshya.

Annapoorna and Sujatha are confused as Swara has the same affection with their sons - Lakshya and Sanskar. To confirm Swara's feelings for Lakshya, Annapoorna meets Swara and gets it clarified. With Swara's explanation, Annapoorna doubts Ragini is lying to everyone.

Annapoorna and Sujatha plan a drama to trap Ragini. They make Ragini believe that Lakshya is scared of crackers and is going to the farmhouse. They even say Lakshya has bad memories associated with Diwali as he got his neck hurt badly, while bursting crackers. Ragini also overhears them telling that if they find Swara in the farmhouse, they are sure that Swara is still in love with Lakshya.

Though Swara says that she is going to meet Sanskar to distribute sweets to workers, Ragini forces Swara to go to the farmhouse. But Ragini gets trapped, as Swara sends images of Lakshya happily bursting crackers.

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Ragini also finds that Lakshya doesn't have any mark on his neck, like Annapoorna had told. Ragini recalls Annapoorna and Sujatha's conversation and finds out that it was a plan to trap her.


Lakshya calls Swara, while Annapoorna reaches the farmhouse with Sujatha to find out the truth. Ragini hides Swara.


Swara is shocked seeing Ragini worried, and hides Swara. Even when Lakshya calls Swara, Ragini doesn't let Swara to talk to him.


Annapoorna and Sujatha doesn't find Swara in the farmhouse and conclude that Swara is lying to them.


Later, at home, Swara tells Ragini that she will tell Annapoorna that she had been to farmhouse as she wants to clarify their doubts. Swara also starts doubting Ragini and asks her not to break her trust.


Ragini, who gets nervous with Swara's words, starts her drama again. But soon Swara will get to know that Ragini was trying to trap Swara and tarnish her image.


On the other hand, Sanskar is hurt that Swara didn't come to the factory. Swara tells Sanskar about the farmhouse incident, and apologises as she couldn't come to factory.


When he doesn't show any interest in Swara's talks, Swara tells that she is going to Banaras to meet her music teacher. Sanskar asks her not to go as he will miss her.


When Swara leaves the room, her dupatta gets stuck in Sanskar's thread, which was tied to his hands by Swara. Sanskar thinks that if Swara loves him, she won't go to Banaras like he requested. May be Swara wouldn't go and his love would get confirmed!

Swara Exposes Ragini

According to the latest spoiler, Swara exposes Ragini and slaps her in front of everyone. Ragini is shocked that Swara slapped her! Well, it has to be seen if this is Ragini's dream or whether Swara really got to know about Ragini's trick.

Ragini Kidnapped

After this incident, Ragini goes to Banaras, where she gets kidnapped. Ragini thinks Swara kidnapped her, while we predict that it was Uttara, Sanskar's sister who kidnapped her to take revenge on her.

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