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      Bigg Boss 16: Payal Rohatgi Voices Support For Sajid Khan’s Participation: He Has The Right To Repent


      Bigg Boss 16 has been raising eyebrows since its premiere after renowned director and #MeToo accused Sajid Khan entered the show. Many netizens on social media today are filled with hate against the director and the show and have been actively campaigning to remove Sajid from the show. The hate grew to an all-time high when actress Mandana Karimi announced that she decided to quit Bollywood altogether in protest of Khan's participation. However, there are some netizens and celebrities who are willing to give the one renowned director a chance at redemption and wish to see him on the show. At the forefront of such celebrities is the Lock Upp runner-up Payal Rohatgi.

      Payal Rohatgi Sajid Khan

      Payal took to her Instagram handle and wrote a long note about Sajid. She said, "Sajid Khan has done wrong with 6 women as they narrated publicly. He has been reprimanded by all and publicly humiliated for his actions. Now the women can take him to court." She added, "But let me put it on record when even murderers have been given the right to reform by the values of Mahatma Gandhi, then even Sajid Khan has the right to live. He has the right to earn money. He has the right to repent. Let him fight for his right."

      PAyal Rohatgi Sajid Khan Mandana Karimi

      Mandana Karimi said that she decided to quit Bollywood because she doesn't want to work in a place that has no respect for women. Payal slammed Karimi by writing, "You should not stay in Iran too as women aren't respected there too."

      Do you agree with Payal's point of view? Give us your opinions in the comments below.

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