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Bhool India's first comedy psychological thriller: Akshay Kumar... Contd.

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Have you seen the original film?
No, I have not seen it. We were asked not to see it. Moreover, I personally did not think it would be right because I do not want to copy Mr. Mohanlal, who plays the role of the doctor in the Malayalam film.

How do you deal with malicious gossips about your personal life in the press?
Simple…I file a case against them. I have done it earlier and nothing would stop me from doing it again. Earlier also when I filed a complaint against a newspaper, I think IndiaFM had reported it and spoken to me regarding it. That is how I react, if things get too personal.

Are you more comfortable working with directors whom you know already or the new directors?
I am very comfortable working with new directors. If you see, 80% of my hits have always come from a debutant director. I am very relaxed, for that matter. Vipul was new when I did his Namastey London and a debut director directs Tashan. I have no qualms about the director if the script is good. And even if a film is directed by a friend the situation does not change anything.

Aren"t you tired of hearing the same 'rumor" time and time again about you chopping your co-stars" scenes. Do you want to put your foot down and clarify this finally?
No, I do not want to clarify anything, if somebody is enjoying himself or herself then let them go on. If media feels, its great to write about irrelevant things like this then it is their choice, let them go on, why should I stop them. Moreover, there is nothing to talk about because it does not affect me personally. However if an actor says that his role is chopped by me, then it is not an insult to me but to the sensibility of the director, that he allows actors to intervene into direction. Do you think Priyadarshan will allow such a thing; it is impossible.

What thoughts come to your mind when you recollect the incident at Churchgate when you could not afford to buy a book?
Yes I do remember that, it was a book called 'How to Learn Acting". However, today I can say that I learnt acting without having to spend a single penny on that book. Its something called fate by which I became an actor and a star now. What I learnt in this course of time is that if you want to be a good actor, be a good human being then fate will work wonders.

Do you feel that acting can be taught or learnt, a la cookery, or is it that actors are just born?
I cannot talk on behalf of everyone, this is strictly my opinion that its experience that makes an actor. It was sheer experience that made me what I am today, a self-made man.

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