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When SRK met his body double...

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was amused after unveiling his wax statue at Madame Tussaud's museum in

Last week, Shah Rukh had an 'out of body' experience when he
unveiled his wax statue at Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum in London.

SRK, "It's difficult to describe what one goes through when such a thing
happens. It was amusing, weird and humbling, all rolled into one.

I had
an idea of what my statue would look like, as I had been shown the head the
night before.

They required me to be there to touch up the skin

It looks just like me, but there's a strange feeling as one is more
used to seeing two-dimensional pictures.

It's exactly the same,
especially the eyes and the eyebrows, which look very real."

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Is he saying that
his waxy 'body double' is as good as the real McCoy? "It will be as good if I
spend another week there and they add a few blemishes to the face, like moles

The sculptor, Steve, was very happy with the result," says

While at the unveiling, the actor made time to attend to one of his
kiddie fans - a mentally challenged boy who had driven down from the outskirts
of London to catch a glimpse of the star.

"I believe that people who are
physically and mentally challenged are very close to Allah. It's strange when
people like them see my films and feel that I have made them better. It's very
touching and very humbling.

I have had people from Poland coming to India
to meet me and narrate their experiences. Recently, a 16-year old girl from USA,
who had been paralysed, felt that she started walking because of me. She flew
down with her entire family to meet me.

I had met her while I was
performing for my world tour the first time.

Though she started walking out of her own will, she feels
it was because of me. I find it strange, but it's a beautiful

If they find happiness looking at me, I feel gifted in a nice
way," he says, with conviction and without a trace of modesty.

So how did
he feel when he left Madame Tussaud's and drove away? "You know, usually when I
finish something I don't think about whether it's good or bad. It then becomes
something to look forward to.

I am now looking forward to taking my kids
to Madame Tussaud's and show them the wax statues. It's a very entertaining
place," he says.

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