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Ajay Devgn talks about giving his bedroom to guest

Posted By: Raymond Ronamai
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Ajay Devgn in a quick Q&A about his film Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge?, the inspirations, and a (how to deal with) guests guide.

Everybody knows how touchy Ajay Devgn is about anyone intruding in his private space. We decided to find out how he would react if an unwanted 'atithi' dropped in at his home - like Paresh Rawal does in his latest film Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge? The actor, who is known as the new king of comedy (with his last three releases doing well) speaks...

Have you ever had an atithi like the one in the film?
No, I have been very lucky not to have one like that. And people say I am very fortunate. During the making of the film, everyone on the set had horror stories to reveal about some unwanted guest in their home, in the form of a sasur, a friend or a relative who came over but didn't want to leave.

Have you incorporated any real- life experiences of yours in Atithi?
No, because I didn't have any such experience but a cousin of mine had this unwanted guest who stayed over for three months and I have used bits and pieces of his story as inspiration.

If you had an unwanted atithi, how would you get him to leave?
I guess I'd be blunt and just ask him to leave! In the film, we have tried everything from getting the underworld to calling the cops, lying and requesting but Paresh's character never takes the hint.

As an atithi in someone's house what are the rules you'd live by?
The most important rule is to ensure that you don't cause them any discomfort in their own home. Most of the rime when I am travelling, I prefer staying in a hotel even if I have friends and relatives in the locality. I can spend the whole day with them and at night, come back to my own space. Relations don't get disturbed in this way.

What are the three rules every good atithi should follow?
A good guest should know when it's the right time to leave. Not to invade the host's personal space. And lastly, not to take the host for granted. Some hosts object to their guest treating their personal belongings as their own but I think that depends on how close the friend is.

If you could call three people from history to be your atithi, who would you choose?
No one. I would have loved to meet some people from history but not as guests in my house as I don't know how good they would be as guests. I would like to meet them on a middle ground.

Anyone from the film industry - like Shahrukh Khan?
Why should I name anyone particular? There are many friends in the film industry who I'd love to have as guests. They are all welcome as long as they know when to leave.

Are houseguests in the Devgn home a rarity or a common feature?

A rarity. Many people come for dinner but don't stay over.

Would you ever give up your bedroom for a guest?
No. But then it can depend on who the guest is. The guest and I both have to be comfortable. If there's any discomfort, you shouldn't have guests over.

Who is more hospitable - your parents or you and Kajol?

All of us are equally welcoming when guests come over.

Does Nysa love having guests over, like the child in the film?
Yes she likes people and is comfortable with people around her age group. She also loves having her aunts and cousins coming over.

What's the one thing that a guest could do to annoy you?
Anyone who misbehaves at my home will annoy me! I dislike rude, unpleasant behaviour of any sort.

Who is the one guest who is always welcome in your house? And why?

My whole family - I have a very big family consisting of aunts, uncles, nephews and nieces. Anyone who is close to me is always welcome at my house. My friends don't need to be formal. They can come over any time they want.

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