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Shahid Kapoor is a great pal

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Friday, June 01, 2007
Shahid Kapoor may seem like a tough nut to crack, but when it comes to friends, he's a softie. That explains why he signed Ahmed Khan's Fool N Final, releasing today.

Says Shahid, "Ahmed and I go back 15 years. He choreographed my first music video, called Ankhon Mein Tera Hi Chehra (sung by The Aryans) in 1996 and even choreographed my debut film Ishq Vishq Pyar Vyar. So when he started director ahmed khan,fool n final,shahid kapoor, I knew I had to be there for him. This is my way of showing support for such a dear friend. Ahmed and I used to live in the same area, and after Mr India released, he became famous for his break-dancing (he was one of the child actors in the film). I used to watch him and wonder, 'When will I be able to dance like that?'"

Ahmed adds, "I've known Shahid since he was 10 years old. I was 14 then and we've been friends ever since. We used to live in the same building at Lokhandwala Complex and spent most of our free time in each other's home break-dancing! When he got The Aryans' music video, his mother Neelima Azim said she wanted me to choreograph it."

Ahmed says that when he started director ahmed khan,fool n final,shahid kapoor, he didn't have Shahid in mind for a role. "One day, while I was bouncing an idea off him, Shahid suddenly asked, 'Woh sab toh theek hai, but where am I in the film?' I told him, 'How can I offer you a film with so many characters?' and he fought back, 'But how can you forget me?' He signed FNF in five minutes, without even reading the script."
Shahid adds, "I trust him blindly. I know that Ahmed will justify my role. FNF is a parody on super heroes and I play Superman. We're all trying to save the world but end up making fools of ourselves in the bargain. How could I let go of that?"

Even though they've been friends for long, they didn't exactly get along on the set. "Shahid and I would fight every day over the clothes I gave him. He would throw the clothes on the floor and walk over them but I would fight back. He would give in but then the same thing would happen in the next schedule!" (see box for more on this)

Adds Shahid, "Every day Ahmed would come with some funny outfit and I would say, 'No way!' I avoid wearing things I'm uncomfortable in, but then Ahmed would tell me, 'If Justin Timberlake can wear it, why can't you?' So after a lot of whining and fighting, I would wear the clothes he wanted. Today, people are appreciating our look in the film."

Just as the director ahmed khan,fool n final,shahid kapoor unit was getting ready to shoot a sequence at Dubai's famed Gold Souk, Shahid Kapoor threw a tantrum. He did not want to wear the ultra-baggy jeans that director Ahmed Khan had asked for. Says Ahmed, "Shahid and I had a big argument that day. I wanted him to get into those jeans because I had a certain get-up in mind for him."

The problem began when action director Allan Amin said the jeans weren't looking good. "I tried telling Allan not to provoke Shahid, but he did not listen. The situation then got out of hand and became serious. We didn't have time to waste as the location was available for a limited time."

The Souk does not allow shooting beyond 3 pm and at 12 noon Shahid still hadn't budged. That's when Ahmed gave in and told Shahid to go and shop for a new pair of jeans. "Even if he returned by 2 pm, I felt I could complete the scene."

As Shahid was getting into his car to go and shop for a new pair, he changed his mind. And after the shot had been canned, Shahid saw the way he looked on screen in the baggy jeans and went over and hugged Ahmed. His apprehension that he would look silly had been put to rest.

Says Shahid, "I decided to chuck the shopping thing and go with Ahmed's vision. All's well that ends well, I guess, as the final result was very good."

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