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Priyanka's mom keeps her away from tattoos

By: By Raymond Ronamai
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Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra must be aware of the woes actress Angelina Jolie went through, as one of her tattoos bearing her ex hubby's name, haunted her after the split. But celebrities are celebrities. They wouldn't mind doing anything to grab attention. And our own Priyanka too would have got a tattoo done if not for her mother Dr Madhu Chopra.

The thought of sporting a tattoo creeped into her head on seeing the RK tattoo on Deepika Padukone"s neck and Kareena Kapoor's name on Saif Ali Khan"s arm. However, her mother is said to have told her not to even think of it.

“Yes, it"s true. If I even suggest getting a tattoo, my mother completely psyches me by telling me stories of how bad a tattoo will look when my skin grows old. Now I realise that this is her way of keeping me away from getting myself a permanent tattoo," Mumbai Mirror quoted the actress as saying.

Priyanka added, “Mum is so clever. She knows that if she had told me straight away, Beta don"t get a tattoo, I may or may not have listened. So, she cleverly fed me stories of how much damage a permanent tattoo could do. This way, I have always been in doubt about getting a tattoo and have so far stayed away from one. But I must confess that sometimes I do get tempted to go out there and get one.""

Well, only good and obedient daughters listen to their moms. What do you say Priyanka?

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