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Salman Khan Comments On Shahrukh Khan's Singing At Hero Music Launch

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Salman Khan recently held a live Hero music launch/concert in Mumbai where not just the film singers but Salman too gave a live performance of this singing talent.

The actor sang Main Hoon Hero Tera for the lead actors of the movie, dedicating it to Sooraj Pancholi and Athiya Shetty who are all geared up for their debut movie Hero which is releasing on 11th September.

During this music concert, even Rahat Fateh Ali Khan sang Yadaan Teriyaan and after his performance the media questioned about him having worked with both Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan and who he feels is better?

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Singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan said that he has heard Salman sing but he hasn't heard to Shahrukh, immediately Sallu takes a rather funny dig at his buddy Shahrukh Khan's singing talent.

Salman says that he has heard Shahrukh Khan sing and that there is no need to hear him sing! This was a LOL moment at the concert as Salman made fun of Shahrukh's singing.

Salman further went on to add that nobody can stand or compete in front of him! All of this was in good humour of course for the actor was making fun of his own singing as well as Shahrukh's.

Take a look at the music concert pictures...

Well Trained Debutants

"Today's time is very difficult as everyone is coming prepared, they are well trained. They are working on their looks, action (body) and dance and everything. In our times, anyone would get launched," Salman told.

Maine Pyaar Kiya Budget

"Maine Pyaar Kiya was made at Rs one crore 11 lakh, today it is the shooting cost of two days. In a way it was difficult that time but it is more difficult now, there are more problems. Today the budget is huge," Salman said.

More Competition

"Earlier people used to take risks, see and start making a film for three or four days, and if things did not work out, they would shelve it. Now before starting a film, Rs 4-6 crore is spent... so no one does that. Today there is more competition," he said.

Hero Promotions

"I hardly participated in the promotions. Our team is pushing them. They are not listening to me, they want to promote. But they should be fresh and not look tired," Salman said.

Producer Responsibility

"I did not think about the responsibility three or four days back but now I feel it. It is not just about the fate of the film but about their (Sooraj and Athiya) life journey and career. I hope we have not left any stone unturned," Salman said.

Best Music

"We have got best music... best background score. But we have messed up at one thing and that is music release. But only the director, producer are going to be affected by it. Music would not benefit the film alone but them (Sooraj and Athiya)... it plays on TV and then you get to do shows," he said.

Reduced The Length Of The Film

"We would be even happy if the film did not do well but these two people make it as stars. We have tried our best." The actor-producer reveals he has seen the first cut of the film and he did edit the film by reducing it to two hours and eight minutes with rolling titles. "It's a nice film and the length is good," he added.

Number Game

"There was always a number game. Earlier it was in weeks, today it is in days and in numbers. The challenge whether your next film will be better than your last film or who's film is going to do better will always be there... and it will make you work hard," he said.

Salman Sir

"They call me Salman sir, but it doesn't mean that I'm a teacher. I'm their elder brother, who is only getting younger," quipped the actor.

Better Journey Than Juniors

"Initially, our journey was to be better than the seniors. Today, our journey is to be better than the juniors! We thought that was difficult, but today at our age, to be as fit and to be as agile as the juniors, is ten times more difficult," added Salman.

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