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      Bigg Boss Kannada Season 7 – Chandan Achar Accuses Captain Vasuki Vaibhav Of Biased Behaviour


      The luxury budget task for the week has been announced on Bigg Boss Kannada Season 7. The task named Bhagyada Lakshmi Baaramma has the house divided into four couples. Captain Vasuki Vaibhav would be overlooking the task. The winning team will be receiving a cash price of one lakh rupees in the finale episode.

      The first phase of the task sees Shine Shetty and Chaitra Kottoor coming in the last spot. As a punishment, Bigg Boss announces that the duo will be taking over the kitchen duties for 24 hours whilst no other housemate can help them with the work.

      Bigg Boss Kannada 7

      Towards the evening of day 65, Bigg Boss announces the third phase of the weekly luxury budget task. Each couple is supposed to hold hands and cross an iron rod without bending their knees or legs. Each team will go through the bar three times with the height of the iron bar being lowered with each round.

      During Chandan Achar and Deepika Das’s turn, captain Vasuki disqualifies them immediately as Chandan was bending his knees. Chandan is mighty miffed with the captain's decision and is seen convincing him of another chance. He asks the captain to approach Bigg Boss about the decision. Vasuki disqualifies the duo and gives them zero points in the game.

      Chandan continues to be upset while his partner in the task Deepika is seen cheering him up. He accuses the captain of being biased whilst crying foul about the unfair decision. Soon, Deepika convinces her sulking partner to let go and do not raise his voice against the captain. She reassures him that they will do well in tomorrow’s task.

      Although, in the next episode’s sneak peek, Deepika is seen losing another task. The losing duo is given an interesting punishment by Bigg Boss. Chandan and Deepika are supposed to dance for the next 24 hours whilst entertaining the housemates with their performance.

      All in all, the luxury budget task is being performed by the teams with complete dedication. It will be interesting to see what will ensue in the glasshouse in the coming days.

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