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Bieber's next album to capture Timberlake's charisma

By: Sampurn Wire
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Justin Bieber has been an unbelievably successful Canadian vocalist though he is only a teenager, with him having dabbled musical genres such as pop and contemporary R&B. Justin Bieber has refused to register himself with Justin Timberlake"s label, notwithstanding which, as per a songwriter clued-up, the former 'NSYNC singer is the motivation for the teenage marvel"s forthcoming album. Songwriter Sean Garrett has been operating with Bieber on the sequel to the chartbuster, My World 2.0. He has communicated with Billboard about the course for Bieber"s impending album, which will consist of more mature fare.

Garrett has verbalized that they were attempting to propel Bieber into adolescent adulthood via this project, which is listed to consist of production also from the hitmaker, Christopher Stewart. What is pleasing is that Bieber"s aficionados are going to mature with him. As per Garrett, their objective is to ensure that Bieber"s young admirers remain fascinated and captivated by him. But they also desire to entice folks in the 20s towards Bieber"s singing. What Garrett has remarked is that they yearn to transport Bieber into another level akin to Timberlake when he jumped from 'NSYNC"s ultimate album to his primary solo album.

Garrett has created albums for superstars such as Chris Brown and Bieber's tutor, Usher. Garrett has vocalized, devoid of divulging too much, that he is also collaborating devotedly with Beyonce for her succeeding project. Garrett has voiced that the plan of his is to deviate Bieber toward a rapidly maturing viewership. Bieber has also declined to classify his music as pop or R&B or country, with him verbalizing to MTV News in December that he is only zooming in on manufacturing excellent albums.

Meanwhile, Bieber has become the newest celebrity to collaborate with PETA, which is an entity dedicated to the propagation of animals" rights and dignity. He has requested his aficionados to embrace a pet from a shelter and take care of it for good. Bieber has also emerged in posters with catchphrases that emphasize the animals" affectionateness. He has also embraced a canine named Sam, of the Papillon breed, from an animal shelter.

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