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Kundra goes gaga over Vittal-Harshal

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Karan Kundra being one of the participants of the 'Zara Nachke Dikha" is feeling over-whelmed to be choreographed by Vittal-Harshal. They were the choreographers of the winning team of Sony TV"s Dance Premiere League.

Kundra, not being trained dancer says, “Harshal-Vittal both are great dancers and supporters too. They never make you feel that you are a worst dancer and always try to make you feel that you are the 'dance king". They have records for all of us, noting our strengths and weaknesses and accordingly they give the dance style to perform so that no one falls short at any of their performances."

Can you explain how? “Yes, for example as I am very bad at grace and small moments but on other hand I am very good at long and wide moments so they give me more of such moments than graceful moments. Same way they had done it for all the other contestants who are good with some qualities."

Do they ever scold on you? “No, never, they are always supportive and act as a moral booster for us. Working with them is never exhausting for us. They have made recordings of songs which will appeal the dancer to dance on. Like for example, a particular song is given to a dancer but sometimes the dancer is not interested to shake legs on and the outcome is lack of interest and lack of energy in the performance but this is not the case with them, they know that on which song who will be able to give strong moves."

“Thus, we feel comfortable to work with them," signs off Karan.

Well Karan that means you are well set the dance floor on fire!

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