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Qubool Hai: Asad And Zoya's Marriage At Forefront Yet Again, But With Razia At Home.....

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Qubool Hai's Asad and Zoya's marriage has come under limelight yet again. The wedding that has been getting postponed numerous times until now has yet again come under focus. This time to keep Razia and society from demeaning their relationship.

Qubool Hai's famous couple Asad and Zoya who are famously called Asya are no longer living in their house, where they have remained away and protected from the harsh eyes of the society. But now when they are living alongside vultures like Razia and Shirin, their relationship and their closeness has come under questioning.

Razia would hurt Zoya deliberately and make Asad stay close to her. She would mix sleeping pills in their drink so they fall asleep in the same room. And when they wake up, Razia makes sure they are cornered by everyone.

Dilshad would then ask Asad and Zoya to get married so the society will not get a chance to question their relationship every again.

But the topic of Asad and Zoya's wedding has been getting delayed for various reasons until now. And now with them living under the same room as Razia and Shirin and others, it will be a lot more difficult for them to get married successfully any time soon.

Let's wait and watch, if this time Asya union happens or yet again gets postponed as usual.

Asad And Zoya In Same Room

Asad and Zoya fall asleep in the same room thanks to Razia.

Woke Up Happy

Asad and Zoya would wake up happy but when they find Dilshad, Razia and Mamujan at their door they get shocked.

Razia And Mamujan

Razia and Mamujan blame Asad and Zoya yet again, this time foe sleeping in the same room.

Asad Angry

Asad would try very hard to keep his temper under control. This would not be the first time they have been insulted.


Dilshad would make them understand the situation.

Only Solution

Dilshad would tell them that the only solution to all these issues would be for Zoya to get married to Asad as soon as possible.

But Will It Happen?

The main issue this time is that they are living with many dangerous people. With them so close to them, getting married would be a very difficult thing to achieve.

Qubool Hai

Will the new twist in the tale making Qubool Hai fans happy? Let's wait and watch.

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