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Qubool Hai: Zoya escapes death again; Tanveer's end nears!

By: Girija Narayan
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Qubool Hai, the story has taken a violent turn because of various circumstances which have prevailed due to evil schemes, misunderstandings and desperate measures taken to achieve selfish gains. Zoya, the leading female character, is pushed off the cliff by Tanveer.

Zoya realises that Asad was drugged on their wedding day and the whole scenario she witnessed, where Asad and Tanveer were seen on bed together, was staged. She is then desperate to reach out to Asad and ensure he knows that nothing actually happened between Tanveer and himself.

She tries calling Asad, but since he was not picking the call, she leaves a voice message saying she knows nothing happened between Asad and Tanveer and he was drugged at the time. She says that she needs to meet him as soon as possible and even informs him where he can find her.

But the twist in the tale is that, it was not Asad who receives the message but Tanveer. Continue reading in the photo slider.

Tanveer Relalises The Danger

When Zoya calls Asad and leaves a message saying, nothing happened between him and Tanveer and everything was staged. She leaves the message with details about where he can contact her. But unfortunately, it is Tanveer who receives the message.

Asad And Zoya Are In The Same Hotel

Asad is informed at the hotel that Zoya was there a while ago enquiring about him. Bboth miss each other by seconds.

Asad is shocked to see Tanveer too at the hotel, but Tanveer covers up with another lie.

Asad starts to leave the hotel with Tanveer, while Zoya again misses seeing him in split seconds.

Tanveer In Disguise Attacks Zoya

Tanveer hides inside an antique armour and attacks Zoya. Zoya escapes but would not be able to catch Tanveer.

But Zoya later catches Tanveer off-guard and confronts her. Zoya says she should have guessed all this must have been her scheme and that Asad would not do such a thing even in his dream. She also says Asad loves her and he can never be anybody else's but hers.

Zoya Yells Out Her Love For Asad

Zoya leaves Tanveer after the confrontation and walks off alone to have some alone time. She asks the almighty to help her get back her love, now that he has helped her realise the truth.

Asad Hears Zoya's Love

She yells out saying she loves Mr Khan repeatedly. Asad on the other hand is leaving, but he hears Zoya's words.

Tanveer Reaches Zoya

Tanveer reaches Zoya on the cliff. She says she escaped the last time, but this time she will put an end to this forever and pushes Zoya off the cliff.

Zoya Falls Off The Cliff

Zoya falls down the cliff. Tanveer sees Zoya falling into the valley and is happy that she has finally put an end to this.

Zoya Hangs For Life, Asad Indirectly Saves Her

Zoya, when thrown off the cliff, has an hairline escape. She hangs on to the cliff, but would be loosing grip.

Asad Saves Zoya Indirectly

Asad, who is leaving the hotel has a green holi chadar in his hands. The chadar escapes his hands and flies off in the wind.

It is this chadar that helps Zoya climb up the cliff. Zoya, who escapes death again in a nick of time, leaves determined to put an end Tanveer and get her love back.

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