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Qubool Hai: 3rd June; Sanam Opens Forbidden Locked Door! (Pics)

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Qubool Hai 3rd June written episode: Munisa's husband comes to Haya while she is working in the dining space. He approaches her with two bangles and insists on putting them on her hand. She abhors his attitude and shrinks. He stops when Rahat comes there.

Rahat misbehaves with Haya repeatedly as he does not know that she is deaf and dumb. He becomes shocked seeing that there are sparks in the electric board, where Haya is ironing clothes, but she is giving no attention to it!

Rahat quickly moves Haya and puts the fire out. When he scolds her, Dilshad tells him that she is deaf and dumb. He is surprised and asks how to communicate with her. Dilshad replies that she understands all gestures and can read lips. Rahat feels sorry.

Sanam expresses her disgust over the attitude of Aahil. Latif hears it and says that appearances can often deceive. Aahil is actually a kind man, opines Latif. Sanam finds it hard to believe.

Tanveer comes to the kitchen where Sanam is working alone. She appreciates her voice and asks about her parents. Sanam says that her father had a good voice and was a businessman. Before she can reveal more, Azhar's mother comes to give something to Tanveer.

It is a gift for Sanam which Tanveer gives to her. Sanam is overwhelmed to discover a beautiful saree inside the pack. When she leaves the room, Tanveer tells Azhar's mother that she wants detailed information about Sanam.

Sanam discovers a sound of knocks from a room, which is locked from outside. She tries to see through the keyhole and brings a bunch of keys to unlock the door. When she opens the door, Latif stops her.

Tanveer talks with Azhar's parents about the locked room. They assure her that no one will ever dare step in that portion. She says that she is compelled to lock a person inside a room, knowing that it is a crime. She has to do it to protect Aahil!

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Dilshad Feels Sanam Is Safe

Dilshad thinks to herself that though the house is same, the people are different, so Sanam is safe to work there.

Sanam Hates Aahil

Sanam shares her hatred for Aahil with Lathif.

Lathif Differs

Lathif says that Aahil is actually a nice man.

Munisa's Husband Misbehaves

Munisa's husband forces Haya to wear gold bangles.

Tanveer Praises Sanam

Tanveer says that Sanam sings beautifully.

Sanam Is Modest

Sanam says that it is only her magnanimity, that she is praising her voice.

Tanveer's Intuition

Tanveer tells Sanam that one of her parents must be good at singing, hence her talent.

Tanveer Gifts Sanam

Sanam is gifted a beautiful sari by Tanveer.

Tanveer's Order

Tanveer tells Azhar's mother to get all the details of Sanam's family background.

Azhar's Mother Jealous

Azhar's mother sees the beautiful sari being gifted to a servant.

Tanveer Gets A Shock

Tanveer is shocked on hearing knocks from inside a locked room!

Short Circuit!

Haya is unaware of sparks being emiited from the switch board of the iron box. Rahat saves her.

Rahat Scolds Haya

Rahat behaves rudely with Haya, not knowing that she is deaf and mute.

Dilshad Tells Rahat

Dilshad informs him of Haya's disability.

Tanveer Asks About Locked Room

Azhar's mother tells her that no one would dare to enter that part of the house.

Tanveer's Conscience

Tanveer tells them that she knows the pain of being locked up, having spent years in jail. But she is forced to lock the person to protect Aahil.

Rahat Ashamed

Rahat is ashamed of his behaviour.

Sanam Opens The Lock!

Sanam opens the door, but is stopped by Lathif!

What will Sanam do next?

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