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Sandhya Pregnant And Unaware In Diya Aur Baati Hum!

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It was being observed that Sandhya had not been performing well during her training, the reason being she is pregnant and unaware about it. Diya Aur Baati Hum is giving good news to its viewers as there might be a little one soon entering Sandhya and Suraj's life.

It was seen that Sandhya was facing continuous difficulties during her training session. She could not complete the tasks given by her officials and was even punished many times for the same.

The life at the camp will become difficult for Sandhya as everyday she had to face new challenges. Like always, she has been supported by her husband Suraj, who acts as a motivating factor in her life.

Sandhya, in her conversation with Suraj, will tell him that she had been ordered a task, but she could not do it as she was facing sudden backache and cramps in her leg. Suraj will listen to her carefully and will wonder if Sandhya is pregnant as all the symptoms told by her, match to the pregnancy symptoms.

Suraj's mother bhabho will over hear the conversation and will land up announcing it to the family that Sandhya is pregnant. She would then order Sandhya to come back home as she should not take so much pressure in such a situation.

This pregnancy scene will confuse Sandhya as she will not be aware about it and will wonder what the family is talking about. Sandhya's Pregnancy will be true or just a misunderstanding that is a major question to be answered as Sandhya's dream of becoming an IPS officer will be put on stake.


Sandhya will be unaware about her pregnancy and will face problems at the camp.

Sandhya's Trouble

It was seen that Sandhya could not perform any of the tasks well and even complained about health problems.

Sandhya And Suraj

Sandhya tells the matter to her husband Suraj, who assumes that his wife is pregnant.


Bhabo will overhear the conversation and will announce it to the family that Sandhya is pregnant.

Sandhya Sacrifice

Will Sandhya sacrifice her dream of becoming an IPS officer because of the pregnancy?

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