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Swaragini: Ragini’s Tantrums Continue; Swara Brings Sanskar’s Ex-Lover Kavita Home!

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Swaragini is getting more interesting with each passing day. After Swara (Helly Shah) leaves, Ragini's (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) never ending tantrums start annoying the Maheshwari house members and they decide to leave the house.

In the previous episode, we saw how Ragini tries to get the home work done by Uttara and Sujatha. Annapoorna oppose Ragini, for which she had to bear the consequences.

When Annapoorna asks Ragini to respect Sujatha as she is her chachi, Ragini asks Annapoorna to do Sujatha's work. Both get into an ugly spat, where Annapoorna gets irritated and throws the dusting cloth on Ragini, who in turn gets angry and throws water on former's face.

Lakshya (Namish Taneja) couldn't bear his mother's insult, and chokes Ragini. Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) comes to Ragini's rescue and asks him not to repeat the mistake. It is then Lakshya and Sanskar decide to leave the house with the family members.

Thinking they would stay back, Ragini asks everybody to leave their belongings and jewellery as she it is hers now. Annapoorna says that she prefers to stay on street rather being with her, and keeps all her belongings at home.

Sanskar even asks Ragini not to intervene as he may harm her, forgetting about the fact that she is her brother's wife, while Lakshya asks him to go ahead.

Ragini gets worried, thinking on whom they will take revenge if everyone in the house will leave. But, Dadi starts blackmailing Durga Prasad, telling him about the lady (singer) in the party.

Immediately, Durga Prasad asks everybody to go back to their respective rooms. Everybody will be shocked and resists Durga Prasad's decision to return back. Lakshya even tells his father that he prefers to go to jail than to make his family suffer, but in vain! Ragini succeeds in making everyone stay back.

Ragini starts torturing Annapoorna again. She thinks that by punishing Annapoorna, she can take revenge on Lakshya as he is close to his mother.

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When Swara asks Sanskar to help her, he refuses saying, he is already working on the plans to get rid of Ragini's tantrums. Swara gets upset and tries to find the truth by herself.


In the upcoming episode, Ragini will be getting the photos and Sanskar will try to know what is Ragini up to. But Ragini hits on Sanskar's head and gets the photos back from him.

Swara With The Lady

Swara will be confronting the lady (singer), who blames Durga Prasad as murderer. She tells that Durga Prasad has killed innocent girl, who is none other than her daughter and Sanskar's ex-lover, Kavita.

Swara Follows The Lady

Swara is shocked and follows the lady, and gets to know that Kavita is alive, but unaware about Kavita being Sanskar's ex-love. Swara decides to bring the fact in front of Maheswari family.

Annapoorna Helps Swara

Swara will be taking Annapoorna's help to know the condition of Maheshwari house. She brings Kavita to Maheswari home, and everybody will be shocked. The family would have assumed Kavita dead.


What will Sanskar do now? Whom will he accept Kavita or Swara? Will Swara get to know that Kavita was Sanskar's ex-love?


Ragini will get to know that Annapoorna is helping Swara and tries to punish her by applying black paint on Annapoorna's face, but Swara stops and pushes Ragini. And, in turn, the black paint falls on Ragini's face!

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