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Jamai Raja: Shocking! DD's Secret Revealed! Sid Taken Aback

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In the last episode of Jamai Raja, we saw how Kunal drugged Roshni (Nia Sharma). Kunal tries to force himself on Roshni. But, Sid (Ravi Dubey) arrives there and slaps Kunal.

Roshni supports Kunal and asks Sid not to beat him. She tells him that Kunal is her friend. Roshni expresses her frustration infront of Sid. She says she is stuck between Sid and DD's (Achint Kaur) ego clashes.

Sid tries to explain to Roshni, the real intention of Kunal, but, Roshni does not pay any heed to his words. Roshni holds Kunal's hand and leaves from there. At night, Sid writes a romantic note for her. He gives her a bouqet and tries to woo her. He pullsher closer and expresses his love.

Kunal gets envious seeing both of them so close. Sid and Roshni spend some intimate moments. Bansi tries to set Shakuntala's hand on fire. Sid stops her. She asks Sid to stay away from her personal matters.

Bansi tells DD that Sid's father is trying to trap Roshni and says, Shaku was writing a letter to him. DD and Roshni read the letter and are surprised. Bansi questions Roshni as to how Sid had not informed her about it. Roshni gets angryat Sid.

Sid tells Raj that his plan was failing. Sid said Bansi will send Shaku back and share a plan with him. He requests him to do as planned.

Raj refuses to do that. Sid tries to convince him. Raj agrees. Premal drags Shaku out of home. Shaku refuses to leave. Bansi orders Premal to take Shaku away.

Raj arrives there, shocking everyone. Shaku runs to Raj and hides behind him. Raj announces that he has come there to take Shaku with him.

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DD's Secret

Sid tries his best to know the secret truth which DD is hiding from everyone. Even Roshni is unaware of it. Sid thinks his plan is failing.


Sid is helpless and tries every possible way to stop his opponents from being even more powerful. He wants to defeat his opponents at any cost.

Roshni And Kunal

Roshni is upset with Sid. She plays a trick and wants to trap Kunal in her love. Sid is even more concerned for Roshni now.


In every situation, Roshni will favour Kunal and ignore Sid. She will believe Kunal and Sid does not understand Roshni's behaviour towards him.


Kunal will try to create differences between Sid and Roshni. He considers Roshni as his wife and so is jealous whenever Sid gets closer to her.

Sid Gets To Know DD's Secret

Bansi tells DD that she should not be so worried and possessive about Roshni, as she is not her real daughter. Sid overhears this and is taken by surprise.

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