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Jamai Raja: Sid Finds Out Who's Behind Roshni's Memory Loss; Dons New Avatar To Save Roshni!

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Jamai Raja is surely keeping its audienceS hooked with its unconventional twists and turns. In the latest episode we saw Sid (Ravi Dubey) hurriedly leaving for Mumbai to stop Kunal-Roshni (Nia Sharma) marriage.

Meanwhile, Shabnam tells Bansi that she will definitely marry Sid and Roshni will marry Kunal. She tells Bansi that she won't let the family stay peacefully.


Roshni is dressed as a villager and doesn't recognise Sid or DD. Sid is shocked seeing Roshni in the villager outfit and doesn't understand why she is behaving like that.


Sid asks Roshni to tell him if Kunal and Bansi have threatened her. He asks Roshni what's wrong. Roshni says they are strangers to her. Sid is taken aback.

Shabnam's Plan

Shabnam eyes on getting married to Sid. She teams up with Bansi and hatches plans to separate Sid and Roshni. She behaves sweet to Roshni but conspires against her behind her back.

Roshni's Memory Loss

Roshni has somehow lost her memory and dresses up like a village girl. She refuses to recognise Sid. She says that Kunal is her husband and Bansi is her Baa.

Sid Doubts Shabnam

Sid panics seeing Roshni's look and Roshni gets scared of Sid. But, soon Sid realises that it was Shabnam's hand behind the memory loss. He plans to expose her.

Sid's New Avatar

Sid loves Roshni and to save her, he will take a different avatar and enter the house. He will try to bring Roshni's memory back. But, how will he expose Shabnam and save Roshni? Stay tuned!

Bansi tells Shabnam that Sid has to die and asks her to forget him. Roshni gets ready for the mehendi ceremony.

Sid realises that the brakes of his car are not working and he loses his balance. Dr. Shah falls out of the car and dies on the spot. The goons inform Kunal about Sid's condition.

Kunal comes near Roshni and forcefully writes his name on her hand. He tells her that he is her real husband. Roshni cries and says that Sid's name is engraved on her heart and no one can change that.

Shagun has kidnapped Raj. Shabnam plans to separate Roshni and Sid forever. He tells Kunal to concentrate on the marriage and asks him to leave the responsibilty on her.

Kunal seeks Bansi's blessings and sits down for the marriage. The Pandit starts chanting the mantras. DD and Sid somehow manage to reach home.

DD and Sid knock at the door, but nobody opens the door for them. Sid plans to break the door. Just then, Roshni opens it. Sid gets shocked to see Roshni in a different look!

Roshni is dressed as a villager. Sid and Roshni cannot believe their eyes. Roshni greets them and asks who they want to meet. Sid is taken aback to know that Roshni is not able to recognise him.

Roshni tells Bansi that there is someone at the door. Sid asks Roshni why she is not identifying them. Roshni asks him to stay away from her. DD is shocked to see that.

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