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Swaragini: Kavita & Urvashi Influence Ragini To Separate Swara & Sanskar!

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In Swaragini, Urvashi is trying her best to ruin Sharmista's life. And for that, she is taking Kavita's help. As we predicted, Kavita hasn't forgotten her love Sanskar and wants him back in his life. Also, Urvashi feels Jhanki (her jiji) died because of Sharmista and tries to ruin her!

Both Urvashi and Kavita's aim is almost same, and hence both join hands. Urvashi will torture Sumi by reminding her of Jhanki. In fact, Urvashi wears the mask (of Jhanki) and make Sumi believe that it is Jhanki's ghost.

Jhanki's Ghost

Jhanki's ghost, Urvashi will hurt Sumi, which will not go well with Swara. Sumi thinks Jhanki's ghost is haunting her, while Swara thinks Urvashi is behind the mishaps.


In the upcoming episodes, Swara will try to trap Urvashi by spreading a chemical on the floor. Swara is sure that Urvashi would attack Sumi again, but unfortunately, Swara's plan fail.


A furious Swara calls Urvashi and bashes her for hurting her mother and torturing their family. But Urvashi will stick to her dialogue, ‘jiji is not happy and she is doing all these'.

Annapoorna & Lakshya

Annapoorna questions Lakshya when he tells he was out for an important work during the night. Even though Annapoorna suggested not to leave Ragini, Lakshya decided to divorce her.


Lakshya lies to Ragini about the night, and gifts her flowers. Ragini signs on the papers thinking it to be Swara and Sanskar's divorce papers. She decides to separate them as her mother asked her to (in the dream).


On the other hand, Sanskar tries to trap Kavita in the temple by fixing a CCTV. He asks Swara to watch out for Kavita as he doubts her. Unfortunately, Kavita gets to see the camera and doesn't meet him.


Swara gets irked with Sanskar as she thinks he hasn't forgotten his ex-love Kavita, which becomes the reason for their fight. Kavita is successful in creating misunderstanding between Sanskar and Swara.


Both Swara and Sanskar are right in their own ways as the former doubts Urvashi and Sanskar doubts Kavita. But will the misunderstanding ruin their relationship or is this Swara-Sanskar's plan to trap Kavita and Urvashi?

In the previous episode, we saw how Sumi was haunted by Jhanki's ghost. Urvashi tries to make everyone believe that ghosts do exist and haunt people when their wishes are not fulfilled! Jhanki's ghost tells Sumi that she is unhappy and Sumi is responsible for it!

Sumi narrates the incident to Swara (Helly Shah), who tries to convince Sumi that ghosts do not exist. But Urvashi starts taunting Swara again. Even Dadi is shocked with the recent events and starts believing that Jhanki's ghost exists.

Jhanki's ghost even speaks to Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar), and indirectly asks her to stop Swara and Sanskar's marriage. Ragini hurriedly signs on the divorce papers that she had previously refused.

Although Swara is sure that Urvashi is the person behind all these incidents, she is not able to prove as she doesn't have any evidences. In the upcoming episodes, Swara tries to trap Urvashi!

On the other hand, Kavita tries to create misunderstanding between Swara and Sanskar. Kavita reminds Sanskar of their past by keeping one or the other gifts that Sanskar gave to her in his room. So that Swara gets irked when Sanskar tells Kavita's name repeatedly!

Now that Ragini had dreamt of her mother Jhanki asking her to separate Swara and Sanskar, Urvashi and Kavita think Ragini will help them in their plan! (Click on the slides to read the story and the spoiler)

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