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Swaragini: Ragini Decides To Marry Nikhil; Swara Helps Lakshya’s Lookalike, Abhimanyu’s Daughter!

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In Swaragini, Swara (Helly Shah) and Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) have left the Maheshwari house, after Lakshya (Namish Tanjea) goes missing. Swara blames Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) as she feels he has ruined her sister's (Ragini) happiness. Swara decides not to reunite with Sanskar, until Lakshya returns.

On the other hand, Ragini wants Swara and Sanskar to reunite. As we reported earlier, she tries all possible ways to reunite the couple. But, Swara is adamant on her stand, while Sanskar starts hating Swara for punishing him for the mistake that he hasn't committed.


Ragini requests Swara and Sanskar to reunite, but they don't listen to her and argue with each other. Swara is upset that Sanskar misunderstood hers and Nikhil's friendship. She reveals to Ragini that she doesn't want to go back to him as he doesn't trust her!


Nikhil tells Ragini that they won't reunite until they are assured that Ragini has really moved on in her life. It is then that Ragini decides to do something unbelievable.

Swara & Ragini

Ragini tells the family members that she has moved on in her life and doesn't want to wait for Lakshya. She wants to stay happy and that's why she is freeing Lakshya from this relationship.

Swara & Sansakr Search For Lakshya

Meanwhile, Swara and Sanskar go in search of Lakshya. They bump into each other in the market and start arguing. Sanskar tells Swara that she doesn't need Swara's help to search his brother, while Swara argues with him, saying that Lakshya is her sister's husband!

Lakshya’s Lookalike, Abhimayu’s Daughter!

In the market, Swara finds a little girl, who lost her way. She asks about her parents and drops her to the same shop, where her father would have asked her to wait.

Abhimayu’s Daughter

The girl will be Abhimanyu aka Lakshya's (look-alike) daughter. Her father would have asked her to wait near the shop as he was going to a chemist to get the medicine for her mother.

Lakshya’s Lookalike, Abhimanyu

The girl would have lost her way going behind a balloon. And, that's when Swara would help her. The girl will also show her father, that it was Swara who helped her.

Swara & Sanskar Busy Arguing

Unfortunately, Swara and Sanskar would be so busy with their arguments that they miss seeing Lakshya's look-alike.

Annapoorna and Durga Prasad Shocked

According to the latest spoiler, Ragini decides to marry Nikhil, so that Sanskar's misunderstanding gets cleared, and Swara and Sanskar reunite. Annapoorna and Durga Prasad are shocked as they get to know Ragini's decision.

Swara Hides A Recorder In Ragini's Room!

Swara is sure that Ragini is hiding something from them and keeps a recorder in her room. Unaware of the recorder, Ragini reveals the truth.

Ragini Breaksdown

Swara and Sanskar get to know that Lakshya is dead. Ragini breaks down after they get to know the truth. Swara and Sanskar try to console Ragini.

Story So Far...

Ragini gets to know that Lakshya is dead. But, as Ragini recalls Swara's words (Swara won't fill her maang until Lakshya returns), she lies to Swara that Lakshya is still missing.

Nikhil is stunned as Ragini lies to Swara. But she reveals to him that Annapoorna and Durga Prasad are hoping for Lakshya's return, and if they get to know that Lakshya is no more, then they will be shattered. Also, if Swara gets to know about Lakshya's truth, she won't reunite with Sanskar.

On the other hand, Gayatri gets to know that Swara is Sanskar's wife and halts the marriage, while Chirag resists. But, later, he too falls for his mother's emotional blackmail and leaves Uttara.

Gayatri and her husband also put forth a condition that if they want Uttara and Chirag's marriage, they will have to give them Rs 5 Crores. Sujatha agrees for it, but Uttara stops her. She declares that she doesn't want to marry Chirag!

The family members except Sujatha and Ram, support Uttara's decision. Ragini also reveals that she is Lakshya's wife.

Although Uttara's marriage halts, she is happy that she escaped from such a greedy family because of her bhabhis, Swara and Ragini. She requests them to return to home, as their family needs them.

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