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Bigg Boss 11: Fans Lash Out At Sapna; Akash Goes Crazy To Become Captain; Puneesh In Trouble & More

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Bigg Boss 11: FANS wants Sapna Chaudhary OUT of the SHOW | FilmiBeat

The luxury budget task, BB Court, created a havoc in the Bigg Boss 11 house. The judges, Bandgi Kalra and Sapna Choudhary couldn't decide who won the case - Hina Khan's team or Vikas Gupta's team, thanks to Sapna!

As a judge, Sapna wasn't ready to listen to Bandgi Kalra, who was trying to resolve the case based on the facts. But Sapna started making personal attack on Vikas Gupta and Puneesh Sharma.

Sapna Made Personal Attacks

Sapna was taking out her anger on Puneesh over that issue, and hence, Hiten-Arshi's case remained unresolved. Fans are irritated with Sapna's rude and loud behaviour. Check out the highlights of yesterday's episode and also read the tweets...

Bigg Boss House Divided!

While Hina Khan, Sapna Choudhary, Luv Tyagi and Priyank Sharma were on one side, Shilpa Shinde, Arshi Khan and Puneesh Sharma were in another team. Obviously, Bandgi Kalra would be with Puneesh, while we couldn't judge as to whose side Akash Dadlani and Hiten Tejwani were!

Contenders Of Captaincy

Bigg Boss asks the contestants to decide the contenders of captaincy based on the task. Sapna and Bandgi were not considered as they didn't perform the task completely.

Hina Backs Out!

After discussion, Akash, Vikas, Hiten and Arshi get more votes for the contenders of captaincy, while Hina and Shilpa get equal votes. Initially, Hina backs out as she had become captain and wanted to give Shilpa, a chance!

Priyank Brainwashes Hina!

But, after Priyank brainwashed her against Shilpa, Hina wanted to recount the vote. Vikas and others too, were clever and changed their votes accordingly, so that Shilpa gets more votes!

Captaincy Task

Finally, Akash, Vikas, Hiten, Shilpa and Arshi became the contenders of captaincy. Bigg Boss announced the task of captaincy - in the garden area, the five contestants' pictures were placed, after every buzzer, the contestants had to spray black paint on the pictures. The contestant, whose picture which doesn't have the black paint, is declared the captain of the house.

Luv & Priyank

First was Luv, who sprayed black paint on Vikas. Priyank darkened the face of Arshi on the board. At this point, Akash goes crazy as he wants to become captain.

Akash Wants Puneesh To Vote For Him

In the next turn, Hina's team doesn't want to vote as they want Puneesh to get into trouble!

Akash Wants Puneesh To Return the Favour!

It has to be recalled that Akash had gone bald for Bandgi. Now, he wants Puneesh to return his favour and vote for him. Akash is desperate to become captain, as he want to be safe from eviction and doesn't want to leave the house.

Puneesh Refuses To Vote For Akash!

Akash feels that he has made sacrifices to his team and now, he wants them to make him a captain. But Puneesh doesn't want to make him a captain. Even Shilpa and Arshi ask Puneesh to vote for Akash.

Hiten, The New Captain Of The House

After the buzzer, Puneesh was asked to vote, but since he doesn't go, Hina goes to vote. She sprays on Akash's poster. Akash is angry that Puneesh didn't help him and breaks his friendship with him, while Hiten becomes the captain of the house.

Fans Lash Out At Sapna: @aneesh0412

"There is a competition among Hina, Sapna and Priyank as who is the most irritating person. #BB11 #BiggBoss11 #VikasGupta #WeSupportVikas"

Kunal Ghosh‏ & @satanicsaint

Kunal Ghosh: No one wants to see #SapnaChoudhary rags ..itna tosh absurd speech I never ever expect from sapna.
@satanicsaint: sapna chaudhary empty vessel making much noise. aaj tak kuch ukhar na payi #bb11.

P a l l a v i‏

"Sapna turn out as the dumbest among all the contestants of all the season even Bandagi nailed it in the task and with her fiercely replies to sapna😂😂🙄 #bumbest #BB11 #BiggBoss11."

Vikrant Jadhav‏

"Sapna ko aadat ho gay hai sabke samne chillake bolne ki ..ghar ho ya bahar shayad uska nature hi aisa hai .. sirf kutte ki tarah bhikkti hai .kya badi badi chodti hai ohh ye karungi o karungi ..kuch kar pahle fir bakvas kar .. hina ke sath rahakar sab pagal ho gaye."

#GautamJiKaLadka‏ @lakshayrisky

"#Sapna is Really Dumb & Braindead. #Bandagi's Points While Debating With Her Were Bang On. #Puneesh Also Stood For Right & For Himself. #Sapna is Mannerless & Her Language is Awfully Disgusting! She Annoys The Heck Out of Me. #BB11 🔰 #BiggBoss11."


"Bandagi is more sensible than hina n sapna..it's just that now she got noticed."

Well, who will make such a crazy person, a captain? But, Akash's reasons are also valid! What do you think - did Puneesh take the right decision by not making Akash, a captain? Hit the comment box to share your views...

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