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      Bigg Boss Telugu 6 Episode 24 Highlights: Arjun & Raj Find The Perfect Spot For a Bachelor


      In the Tuesday's episode, Arohi and Surya had an argument again about their bonds with other housemates. Arohi accused Surya for connecting with people more and sometimes ignoring her, and Surya said that she was doing the same, but he was not complaining. Arohi walked away with her food. Later they had a calmer discussion.

      The task of the week was revealed to Chanti in the confession room, and he was assigned a secret task.

      The housemates were to split into two teams. One team would run a hotel named BB Hotel, another team would run a hotel named Glam Paradise, and the rest would play individually as guests of these hotels.

      Chanti, Revanth, Geetu, Marina, Bala aditya, and Sudeepa were to run the BB hotel. Sudeepa was the manager, Bala aditya was to play chef, Marina was to play assistant chef, Revanth and Geetu were to play waiters, and Chanti was to be the helper.

      Faima, Keerthi, Sri Satya, Arohi, and Vasanthi were to run the Glam Paradise hotel. Faima was to be the manager.

      Chanti was to secretly help the Glam Paradise hotel take lead, although he was working for the BB hotel.

      Arjun Kalyan, Rajsekhar, Shrihan, Surya, Adi Reddy, Rohit, and Inaya were to be the guests. The guests were each given a character to play . Arjun and Raj were to find a hotel for their friend's bachelor party. Shrihan was to play an actor who is a one-hit wonder, and is attention seeking. Surya was to play a character with a memory loss problem, and he doesn't remember who he is. Adi was to play a food blogger. Rohit was to play a divorcee, and Inaya was to play a single woman open for dates.


      Sri Satya targeted Arjun and tried to coax him into taking up services at their hotel. He demanded that they take a photo together, and that she should handfeed dinner for him. It appeared that he was really excited about their interactions.


      Keerthi and Vasanthi tried to get Raj to stay in their hotel. He was flirting with the two women quite a lot, and Shrihan joked about it. Just as he was joking Sri Satya walked up to the spot, and Shrihan was like "hiii.." And Sri Satya spoke to the camera and said "Siri, he says he is single." Shrihan replied that inside the house, he was single.

      Geetu and Bala tried to get Surya and Adi to stay at their place. Adi gave a decent review about the food, and the said place was okay, but the food was great.

      Surya changed up his roles to make it interesting. He was first a baby, then he dressed up as a woman, and did a pole dance. Faima gave him a fight and did a pole dance herself. The others joined them when there was music playing.

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