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      How Arman Khan Is Helping The Media Industry During Tough Times With Picturental?


      Arman Khan is a talented and renowned cinematographer who is taking the media world by storm. He is loved and appreciated for his work. He strikes a perfect balance between creative, analytical, and technical aspects of film-making and hence produces great results.

      During COVID times, he started a business to help the media industry in tough times. Read ahead to know more about his personal and professional life and what encouraged a cinematographer to become a businessman.

      Arman Khan

      Take a trip down Arman's Memory Lane

      Arman Khan comes from a family in Afghanistan and was raised in Pakistan. He and his family migrated to London when Arman was a little older. Immediately Arman fell in love with the place and wanted to stay in the UK. So, he enrolled himself in a media course. His degree was in Cinematography, Game development and Animation, and he specialized in VFX design. He also earned another degree from Raindance Film Academy.

      He was a keen observer and an earnest learner. Even during his college days, he spent less time hanging out with friends and going to parties. Rather he focused on becoming proficient in the media field and hoped to excel one day {he is more than excelling now!}

      Careers before becoming a cinematographer

      Great opportunities and great projects were not spoon-fed to Arman. He worked non-stop for many years and perfected his skill to become successful. Initially, he started with a job as a camera assistant. Gradually, he started expanding his horizon and collaborated with N number of people in order to get good projects.

      He has tried out many different job roles and has worked as a casting director, editor, VFX designer, composer, writer, actor, and worked under the camera and electrical department.

      What is "Picturental"?

      During COVID, many industries suffered, one of which was the media industry. People were not able to invest much in buying the equipment. This impelled Arman to start a business that would provide all the tools, gadgets, and services required to film a movie, documentary, series or anything.
      He soon turned his idea into a reality and started a business named Picturental. Picturental lends out equipment and services required for shooting. They provide help to both Bollywood and British industries. Arman personally assists his clients on what equipment and services would be great depending on the client's genre and budget.

      His experience and technical knowledge have made this business a success. Many clients are thankful for his help and expertise during these tough times.

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      The takeaway from Arman's story

      Arman recently contributed his splendid cinematography skills to a big movie: Mimi starring some famous actors like Pankaj Tripathi and Kriti Sanon. He is currently working on a true story revolving around the indifferences between Ghabizai and Ahmadzai Tribe.

      He is exceedingly popular in the cinematic industry and is offered many great projects. But he is never in a hurry to jump into a project as he feels that he wants to choose projects through which he can spread positivity in society.

      He is a great multitasker and seamlessly manages his business, creates quality content, and enlightens his students. But the best part of it all is that he is not doing all of this simply to earn money. He wants to make a real difference in this society and promote social awareness. He also helps his students, peers, and clients in all possible ways! He had delivered a very beautiful line during one of his interviews, "Follow your heart and not the money". Hope this line resonates within all of us!

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