National NGO Day: Shah Rukh Khan, Salman, Priya Dutt- Bollywood Celebs Who Run NGO For Welfare Of Society

National NGO Day | Shah Rukh Khan To Salman Khan:

February 27th is known all around the globe as World NGO Day and recognizes the significant contributions of Non Profit Organisations. This day honors NGOs and their teams for their dedication to bettering societies throughout the year. Their dedication to humanity inspires unity, kindness, and positive change, touching countless lives with love and support. On this occasion, let's take a look at five Bollywood celebrities who have gone beyond the silver screen to make a difference and run NGOs that work for the welfare of society.

Being Human

The Bhaijaan of Bollywood Salman Khan is not only recognized for mega-movies but also for his golden heart. He is a man who never steps back from extending his support. In the year 2007, he introduced his NGO, 'Being Human', with a heartfelt mission to give back and make a positive impact on society. Driven by a desire to help the less fortunate, the foundation provides essential healthcare, education, and support to those in need, embodying compassion and kindness through their actions.

Nargis Dutt Foundation

The Nargis Dutt Foundation is an NGO founded in 1981 by Sunil Dutt in memory of his wife, Nargis Dutt, who passed away from cancer. Sunil Dutt had seen his wife suffering due to cancer, and therefore wanted to be a source of strength for others fighting the same disease. After Sunil Dutt passed away, his daughter Priya Dutt, took charge of the foundation and has been honouring her parents legacy ever since. The foundation believes that 'There is more to life' and aims to increase awareness about Cancer and provide help to people all across the country, even working with other NGO's to provide aid.

Meer Foundation

Shah Rukh Khan, also known as King Khan, is not just the king of Bollywood but also the king of hearts. He is ranked as the most charitable person. In 2013, in honor of his late father, Meer Taj Mohammed Khan, Shah Rukh Khan founded an NGO called 'Meer Foundation' that aims to empower women by providing support for acid attack victims. The foundation funds surgeries, treatments, rehabilitation, legal aid, counseling, and vocational training for acid attack survivors and other individuals in need. During COVID, it pledged to supply 50,000 PPE kits to healthcare workers and also arranged quarantine centers for patients.

Ek Saath Foundation

Ek Saath-The Earth Foundation is an NGO founded by Pragya Kapoor and Abhishek Kapoor that focuses on celebrating love for nature and promoting sustainability. Their main motto is to create an awareness about the importance of nature in our lives, taking steps to reduce pollution and increase sustainability. Their initiatives for cleanliness and sustainability, which are often driven by the Youth of the country, are prime examples of their efforts to build a better tomorrow.

The Yash Chopra Foundation

The Yash Chopra Foundation, established in honor of the renowned filmmaker Yash Raj Chopra, is dedicated to addressing developmental challenges within the Indian film industry. It focuses on providing essential support based on global standards, particularly for vulnerable groups like casual workers and daily wage earners. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Foundation extended its efforts by offering free ration delivery and nutritional meals.

Bollywood celebrities are often seen as role models, and their involvement in running NGO's such as these positively impacts society, influencing others to follow in their footsteps. Their mission for a better tomorrow encourages others to lend a hand to making a difference and is proof that no matter our status in society, at the end of the day we are all one.

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