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    Reality shows ke side effects

    By Staff
    Anamika Choudhury
    Television which was considered to be just a medium of relaxation has now become a 'bane' rather than a 'boon' when it comes to kids; the reason being, the enormous reality shows that channels flag-off for kids.. Reality shows have become a lucrative medium to en-cash money and gather huge TRPs, and following this trend, are big channels like Zee, Star Plus etc who bring in little kids and promise to showcase their talent to the entire world. But, success in such shows will only push the kids ahead talent-wise, but what about their academic life? In an era, where even well-educated adults struggle to get a decent job, what if these budding talents are deprived of good education and proper exposure to academic life? Will they be able to sustain the hurdles that life throws at them as they grow? Will their music alone be enough to sail them thro'?

    Well, with this basic worry in mind, we addressed this concern to the Little Champs winner, Anamika Choudhury who states, "It surely has, as for six months I didn't get time to study. But I have always been good in studies and usually score above 90%. So, I am sure I would recover with my studies pretty soon". Here is a blessing in disguise for little Anamika, who at least is confident of catching up with lost time as she is bright in studies too. But spare a thought to the kids who need to put more effort into their studies to come up with flying colors!! As the saying goes, 'Time and tide waits for no man', so how do these kids cope up with the pressure of academics?

    To defend the whole matter, steps in Zee TV's Marketing Head, Tarun Mehra who opines, "See, in the past too, when there was no such reality shows, parents used to encourage their kids with special talents. It is for a growing kid to ultimately choose a career and what's wrong if they take to singing as their passion and profession? As regards schooling, I feel it is fine if they lose out on some months of education, as they have stepped out only to reach their aim elsewhere".

    Music Director Bappi Lahiri, who is very passionate with kids, thinks otherwise, as he says that encouragement to kids should be given in extra-curricular, but it should also be looked into, they do not lose out on time for studies. "Singing, dancing, etc are god-gifted talents and the kids with these talents should be encouraged to showcase their talents in front of the viewers. Education is also very important and I accept that these shows do have an effect on it, but I feel the schools should co-operate by giving such students special privilege, as after all the kid is getting fame to their school too. They should hold special exams for the kids by giving them time to recover their lost time," believes Bappi Lahiri.

    It is said that 'Studies makes or breaks a person', so is it not the major responsibility of every parent to see to it that their kid is moving in the right direction? Also, the kids are so tender in mind that success can get to their head fast, and at the same time, defeat can squeeze out the existing confidence in them. Says Bappi Da, "Here the parent's role is of uttermost importance! They are the ones who can understand and groom their kids in a way that success doesn't affect them. I have seen that the moment the kids achieve fame after participating in such competitions, they start doing various stage shows which in a way affects their voice due to excessive singing". Well, anything done too much is too bad, and this is exactly what Bappi da wants to preach here.

    Again getting angry at the debate, Tarun Mehra says, "See these kinds of things happen in every industry and that's all I want to say".

    Again, coming back to the most dreaded question, why put the future of kids at stake by pressurizing them to do well in these contests? Don't we think that the kids by going thro' all the fake drama and TRP gimmicks offered plate-full in the reality shows, and that too, at such a tender age lose their innocence very soon? Well, there is no doubt that it is really a happy moment to see small kids performing at their best, but can we at least see to it that we give them the much desired scope to do well in their academics too?

    Well, a real concern that every parent should analyze before writing the future for their own kith and kin!!

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