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Sameer returns to Bigg Boss 4

Posted By: Kalyani Prasad Keshri
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The day started with the most popular number 'Mumbai se aaya mera dost" which perfectly personified Sameer"s re-entry in the 'Bigg Boss 4' house. No sooner than Dolly Bindra and Sameer were asked to leave the house, over a fight, Sameer was called back into the house. As soon as he entered the house, he started with his duty of cleaning the bathroom. Seema Parihar, who entered the bathroom, is shocked to see Sameer and Manoj Tiwari gets excited and gives him a hug.

After their daily household work, Seema, Sameer, Shweta Tiwari and Manoj discussed other housemate"s reaction on Sameer elimination. They informed Sameer that WWE Superstar The Great Khali, Ashmit Patel, Hrishat Goswami and Veena Malik were only too happy when Sameer was asked to leave the house. Sameer continued to do his share of work, without much bothering about what others think about him. Soon everyone gathered together in the garden area and talked about how no one liked Dolly Bindra. As soon as the conversation ends, Veena tried to poison Sameer"s mind about Shweta and told him that she backed out from her decision in the last moment leaving him astray. To this Sameer smartly replied “You should ask her!"

Hrishant in the meanwhile gave a new name to Elimination day .. 'Prem Divas". Explaining the idea of the name, he sarcastically commented that 'We nominate the person who we love the most and hence the name 'Prem Divas".

Day 49 started with 'Bigg Boss' calling Manoj Tiwari to the confession room to nominate two people for the post of Captain. Manoj nominates Seema and WWE Superstar The great Khali, after which the housemates vote their favourite nominee. Everyone except Manoj nominated Seema for the post of captain. He nominates WWE Superstar The Great Khali. After nominating Seema as the captain, Shweta handovers the keys to Seema and asks her to give a speech. An emotional Seema thanks 'Bigg Boss' and the housemates for having made her the captain. Seema always wondered if she can ever become a captain as she is an illiterate and starts weeping. All the housemates cheer her up.

Soon it was time to allocate the household duties. While Veena cribs that the cooking team is always overloaded with work, Ashmit grumbles that he is the only person in the cleaning department. So finally, Hrishant suggests that the members should involve themselves in two activities each. Again there"s a debate in the involvement of WWE Superstar The Great Khali in the daily household work. Seema, Manoj and Shweta discuss about Hrishant being a good worker and should be kept in the cooking team with Veena. Manoj doesn"t nominate Sameer for the Captaincy role despite being good friends with him and justified as to why he did not nominate Sameer and the later is happy with his decision. Manoj tells him that if ever he is given an opportunity again, he will support Sameer for captaincy.

It"s now the time to give the housemates their weekly task. 'Bigg Boss' announces the new task of Gaonwala and Gharwala where one group needs to live like the villagers and the other group like the Sheherwaalas. After the task, it"s the time to nominate the loved ones for the so called “Prem Divas" as Hrishant puts it.

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