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Qubool Hai: Yay! Tanveer Gets Caught At Last!

By: Girija Narayan
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Yay! At last the day has come when Tanveer's malicious tactics would be put to an end. The latest promos of the show says that Asad (Karan Singh Grover) would catch Tanveer (Amrapali Gupta) red handed trying to harm Zoya (Surbhi Jyoti).

The story of Qubool Hai so far has shown; Zoya leaving Asad and going to Ajmer, and then realising it might be Tanveer's evil tricks and returning back. Asad, when is about to get married to Zoya comes to know about Tanveer's pregnancy and would declare to everyone that he wants to marry Tanveer and not Zoya. Tanveer, pregnant from her previous husband, would claim Asad is the father of the child and tricks him into agreeing to marry her.

Though Zoya is hurt that Asad wants to marry Tanveer, she would stay back to figure out the reason why he has made this sudden change in decision and also because she knows that Asad loves her with all his heart. She then comes to know the reason why he has taken the decision and feels the reasons are valid and he should marry Tanveer.

But she also tells she does not want to stay at his place anymore now that she knows she has no claim on him. She says she would be returning back to New York very soon. This is all that has happened on the show so far.

The latest promos of the show puts light on how Tanveer's tactics would come to an end. Here are the snapshots of the promo.

Zoya Says He Should Marry Tanveer

When Zoya comes know about Tanveer's pregnancy, she agrees that he should marry Tanveer. Though this is hurting, she says it is the right thing to do. She also says that he is not the kind of person who would run away from responsibilities.

Zoya Says She Would Be Leaving To New York

Zoya says she would be leaving to New York and this time she would not be returning back to him. Zoya also says she has some work that she has to finish before leaving, but she does not have to stay at his place to do it.

Promos Show What Would Happen

The latest promos show that Zoya would be doing her Namaaz. There are a few candles behind her and Tanveer would use one of those to harm her.

Tanveer Tries The Fire Again

Tanveer had tried using fire the last time too. She had tried to kill Zoya by breaking the rope of the chandelier. But Zoya would have escaped in the nick of time.

She Tries To Set Zoya On Fire

Zoya would be doing her Namaaz and Tanveer would use one of the candles lit to harm Zoya.

Though Zoya would have decided to let Tanveer marry Asad, the reason she decides to kill Zoya is yet to come to light.

Asad Catches Tanveer In The Act

When Tanveer is about to harm Zoya, Asad would catch her red handed. At last someone in the house has opened their eyes.

Asad At Last Sees Tanveer

Asad would catch Tanveer red handed. He, at last, sees Tanveer in the correct way. Hopefully, he connects all the dots about all her previous attempts to kill Zoya.

Tanveer Issues Comes To An End?

Now that Asad would catch her red handed, will the Tanveer tricks come to and end? We have to wait and watch.

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