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Swaragini: Lakshya, Swara, Sanskar Get Together; Ragini’s Secret Revealed!

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In Swaragini, finally, Ragini's (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) drama will end after her love Lakshya (Namish Taneja) goes against her, to bring out her true colours. Ragini, who is blind with love, will finally fall in her own trap and Swara (Helly Shah) will succeed in her mission of re-uniting her parents Sharmista and Shekar.

In the previous episode, we saw how Lakshya found out that Swara wasn't lying as he meets the doctor, who had once treated Swara. With the help of the doctor, Lakshya investigates if Swara was lying or not and finds out that Swara wasn't a liar.

Swaragini: Sanskar Stabs Lakshya; Swara Stops Ragini From Saving Lakshya!

Swara would have told Lakshya half the truth about her accident that happened during her marriage. She doesn't even reveal that Ragini was responsible for all the accidents that happened in her life, but asks Lakshya to find out the complete truth.

Lakshya gets to know half the truth and assumes that there is someone who wants to ruin Swara's life. He tries to stop Swara and Sanskar's (Varun Kapoor) marriage, by telling Ragini to stop, but in vain. When Lakshya tells Ragini about Swara's innocence, Ragini starts her drama, fearing she would get caught.

Swaragini: Swara-Sanskar Go On A Honeymoon; Ragini's Romantic Dance With Lakshya - PICS

By doing this, Ragini get trapped in her own words. A nervous Ragini tells Lakshya that it is Swara's plan to separate them and not to trust her. Lakshya now starts doubting Ragini as she reveals her secrets herself, by blaming Swara every time!

A confused Lakshya plans to trap Ragini. He not only blames Swara in front of Ragini but also refuses to believe Sumi's words who said Ragini kidnapped her! Swara and Sanskar too, ditch Sumi by supporting Ragini.

Read the story and spoiler in slides...


Lakshya tells Sumi that Swara's life has already been destroyed and only way to rectify it is to mend her relation.

Lakshya Sends Swara-Sanskar To Honeymoon!

Lakshya asks Swara to go on a honeymoon and arranges the farmhouse for the newly married couple.


Ragini, who doesn't know that Lakshya is trying to trap her, thinks she succeeded in getting her love.


Now that Lakshya has accepted that Swara is married to Sanskar, Ragini thinks Lakshya might accept her love and move ahead.

Lakshya-Ragini Romance

In the upcoming episode Ragini will be seen dancing and romancing with Lakshya.

Ragini's Dream!

Aha... Wait! If you think Ragini is really moving a step ahead in her relationship with Lakshya, then you are wrong! The romance and dance will just be a dream!

Lakshya-Sanskar Fight

Lakshya will follow Swara and Sanskar to the farmhouse. Lakshya and Sanskar, again start fighting as the former says he still loves Swara.


Ragini, who finds Lakshya missing, guesses that the latter would have gone to farmhouse to meet Swara. Ragini follows Lakshya.

Sanskar Stabs Lakshya

To her shock, Ragini sees Lakshya-Sanskar fighting and tries to stop, but in vain. Lakshya gets stabbed and Ragini sits beside him, crying.


In this shock, Ragini accepts every crime that she committed to Swara and Lakshya gets to know Ragini's reality.


Lakshya calls Swara's family and Maheshwari family together and reveals the big secret of Ragini.

Dadi & Shekar Apologise To Swara

Dadi, Shekar and Maheshwari family apologises to Sumi and Swara. Shekar and Sumi finally reunite, which was Swara's dream.


Now, it should be seen what happens to Ragini? Will Swara accept Sanskar's love? What will Lakshya do?

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