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Swaragini: Swara-Sanskar Get Married; Lakshya Gets To Know Ragini’s Truth!

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In Swaragini, Ragini has created such a situation, where Swara (Helly Shah) and Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) are left with no option but to marry. Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) makes Lakshya (Namish Taneja) speak to Annapoorna regarding Swara and Sanskar's marriage as with this their truth of fake marriage will come out.

Lakshya, who is smitten with Ragini's goodness, agrees to each and everything that she asks him. And this time too Ragini emotionally blackmails Lakshya and makes him agree to do what she wants - Swara-Sanskar's marriage.

Lakshya makes a reason of having an important meeting and asks Swara and Sanskar to sit for kuldevi pooja. He also makes sure that his mother agrees for the couple's marriage before the pooja.

While Swara and Sanskar are tensed with this condition, Sujatha panics as she doesn't want Swara to be her daughter-in-law as she is of different community. Swara too agress with Sujatha.

Swara taunts Sanskar that he must be happy as he is going to marry the girl he loves. But Sanskar refuses to marry a girl who doesn't love him.

While Sanskar, Swara and Sujatha will be thinking of a way to escape the marriage, Ragini barge in the room saying they are left with no other way but have only two options. One is to silently get married or the second one is to accept the fake marriage.

Ragini later goes to Lakshya and expresses her worry saying Swara can do anything to escape the marriage as they have 24 hours time. Right then Swara gets her mother Sumi's call saying she is unwell.

Swara makes the excuse of going to her mother to escape the marriage. But right then, Ragini will plan and make Lakshya get Sumi to Maheshwari house.

Read the remaining spoilers in the slides...


With the help of Lakshya, Ragini will get her mother home so that Swara doesn't escape the marriage.

Swara's Mehandi

Ragini makes all the arrangements for Swara's marriage. She applies mehandi to Swara and is happy that Lakshya will now forget Swara!


Sanskar left with no other option, kidnaps Lakshya. He blackmails Ragini to reveal the truth else he would harm Lakshya.

Ragini Refuse

Ragini refuses to reveal the truth as if she does so, Lakshya would never accept their marriage.


Ragini will in turn ask Sanskar to do whatever he wants to as she knows he can't harm Lakshya. Ragini also is confident that the message of Lakshya missing will soon reach Durga Prasad and Swara-Sanskar will be caught.

Smart Sanskar

But nothing as such happens as sanskar is too smart. He shows Ragini the video of Lakshya being tied and beaten up.

Lakshya Tied

Ragini asks not to harm Lakshya and hides her mother (Sumi) to blackmail both Swara and Sanskar.

Swara Fed-Up

Swara fed up of Ragini's evil deeds goes to Lakshya and tells him Ragini's truth. She asks him to trust her if he has ever loved her.


Though Lakshya ignores Swara, somehow later he gets to know Ragini's truth. On the other hand, both Swara and Sanskar will be waiting for Lakshya to stop the marriage.


Even Sumi tries her best to come out and stop Swara's marriage, but in vain.

Swara-Sanskar Married

Lakshya reaches the mantap late and Swara-Sanskar completes saath pheras.


Sujatha, who didn't want Swara to get married to Sanskar is shocked and faints.


Swara and Sanskar stare at Ragini with anger, while Ragini takes Swara outside to talk something.


What will Swara and Sanskar do now? Will Lakshya reveal Ragini's truth to the family?

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