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Jamai Raja: Bansi & Kunal Reveal DD's Secret; Roshni Shocked!

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The latest episode of Jamai Raja took its fans by shock, when Kunal pushed Sid (Ravi Dubey) off the terrace. Roshni (Nia Sharma) confronts Kunal and asks him why he pushed Sid.

Roshni abuses Kunal and calls him an animal. Kunal holds her by her hair and asks her to keep quiet. He tells Roshni that she is his wife and he is her first husband. Kunal is about to slap her, when Sid comes back and stops him.


Kunal pushes Sid off the terrace. On being confronted by Roshni, Kunal reveals to her that she is his wife and he is her first husband.


Bansi blackmails Sid that she would reveal DD's secret to Roshni. She forces Sid to sign the divorce papers to get out of the jail.

Kunal And Bansi

Kunal and Bansi make their next evil move. They inform Roshni about DD's secret. They tell her that she is not DD's biological daughter. Roshni is shocked knowing this.

Roshni And Kunal

Kunal is hell-bent upon getting Roshni back. After his successive attempts to separate Sid and Roshni, he forcefully tries to marry Roshni. The marriage rituals will take place.


Roshni cries a lot and is not ready to marry Kunal. Sid gets into a huge fight with Kunal. Bansi emotionally blackmails Roshni and targets Nani.

Bansi Tortures Nani

Bansi tortures Nani and asks Roshni to sign the divorce papers. Roshni shreds the divorce papers into bits and reprimands Bansi saying Sid is her husband and they will die for each other if need be.

Roshni and everyone is relieved to see Sid alive. Roshni hugs Sid and cries. Sid tells Kunal that it is impossible to separate Roshni from him. Kunal moves towards Sid with a knife in his hand. To everybody's surprise, Kunal stabs himself with the knife and falls down.

Sid takes out the knife from Kunal's chest and calls for a doctor. Meanwhile, the police arrived to arrest Sid on the charges of attempting to murder Kunal. Bansi and Premal try to trap Sid by telling the police that Sid tried to kill Kunal.

Bansi tells Sid that money cannot take him out of the jail. She asks him to sign the divorce papers. Sid remarks that Roshni will never sign on the papers. Bansi blackmails Sid that she will disclose DD and Nani's secret to Roshni.

Sid gets worried hearing that. Bansi informs Roshni that Sid signed the divorce papers and has been freed from the jail. Roshni is shocked and starts sobbing. Raj asks Sid to tell everything clearly to Roshni.

Sid says that he cannot disclose everything to Roshni, that time. He further says that Roshni will definitely not trust the divorce papers or Bansi's words.

Going ahead we will see, Kunal and Bansi inform Roshni that she is not DD's daughter. Roshni is taken aback, hearing this.

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