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Swaragini Spoiler: Why Abhimanyu Is Not Accepting The Truth That He Is Lakshya?

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In Swaragini, Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) has finally found her Lakshya (Namish Taneja), but her worries do not end, as Lakshya has changed his avatar to Abhimanyu.

Abhimanyu aka Lakshya claims that he is married to another woman and has a daughter. Swara (Helly Shah), Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) and Ragini don't believe it and try to find the truth. Check out the latest updates and spoilers with pictures....

Swara & Sanskar's Drama

Swara and Sanskar plan a drama to make Abhimanyu accept the truth. They ask Ragini to stage a suicide drama. The media will also be called.

Ragini Attempts Suicide

Ragini, Swara and Sanskar strongly believe that Abhimanyu is Lakshya and want him back in the Maheshwari house. As instructed by Sanskar, Ragini climbs the terrace and threatens to kill herself, if Abhimanyu doesn't accept that he is Lakshya.


Sujatha and Annapoorna convince Ragini that they will get Lakshya back within an hour. The news of Ragini's suicide drama will be aired on television. Although, Lakshya aka Abhimanyu watches it, he doesn't respond.

Sanskar & Abhimanyu

Sanskar, who is in the disguise of a servant in Abhimanyu's house, tries to provoke Abhimanyu by talking him against Ragini. Sanskar will also be successful, as Abhimanyu reacts and asks him not to speak ill of Ragini!

Lakshya Sad

Meanwhile, Lakshya is sad that he is not able to meet his wife Ragini although she is hurt (Ragini would have cut her wrist). He thinks of Mishka and remains silent.

Mishka & Abhimanyu

Mishka is scared that her father (Abhimanyu) will leave her and go to Ragini. She suddenly wakes up from her sleep and calls for her dad.

Abhimanyu Convinces Mishka

Abhimanyu consoles his daughter. Although, he is worried about Ragini, he convinces Mishka that he will never leaves her. He also makes her sleep.


Mishka refuses to eat food as she fears her father might leave her. Swara consoles her and manages to make her eat food.

Sanskar Arrives With The Police

In the upcoming episodes, Sanskar gets the police to Abhimanyu's house. He takes Abhimanyu's fingerprints and also tries to find the birth marks to prove that Abhimanyu is Lakshya.


But, Abhimanyu smartly manages to change the fingerprints and erase the birthmarks. Well, wondering why Abhimanyu is not accepting the truth?


According to the spoiler, Lakshya is held up and can't leave the little girl as she is ill. It is said that if he leaves her, she might even die.

Story So Far...

Swara manages to get into Abhimanyu's house as a servant. She spies on the family. Seeing Lakshya and Mishka, she feels they look like a happy family.

But later, Swara gets into trouble as Mansi asks about Swara's phone. Mansi questions Swara as to how she got such an expensive mobile. Sanskar comes to Swara's rescue. He introduces to Mansi that Aarti (Swara) is his wife.

Sanskar convinces Mansi and Lakshya and says he will work as a cook, while Aarti aka Swara will clean the house.

When Swara asks Sanskar how he will cook food (as he doesn't know cooking), and why he came to Abhimanyu's house, he tells her that they will manage to get food from outside, but now, finding Abhimanyu's truth is important. Swara and Sanskar get closer while exposing Abhimanyu.

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Meanwhile, Ragini goes to the car registration office and enquire about the car number. She gets to know that the owner of the car is Mansi.

On the other hand, Nikhil tries to help Swara and Ragini, but the duo refuses to share their plan and avoid him.

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