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Swaragini Spoiler: Sanskar Saves Swara From Goons; Ragini & Nikhil Go In Search Of Lakshya!

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In Swaragini, Sanskar and Swara's love-hate story continues. We had already reported about Uttara's marriage being fixed. Uttara's mother-in-law Gayatri, is orthodox and a very demanding person.

Sanskar gets to know that Swara and Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) are looking into the wedding arrangements and ignores Swara. In the upcoming episodes, during marriage preparations, Swara and Sanskar come face-to-face and audiences will get to see their love-hate moments. They show as though they hate each other, but in reality they have soft corners for each other. (Check Out The Spoilers With Pictures)

Sanskar Meets Swara

In the upcoming episodes, Sanskar meets Swara in the baadi. Initially, he taunts her. Swara gets irritated, but tries to ignore him, but Sanskar doesn't stop and continues to annoy Swara.

Sanskar Asks Swara To Change Design

Sanskar asks Swara to change the design as her client didn't like it. But, when Swara ignores him again, he forces her to change as it is her duty. He taunts her by saying that nothing is impossible for Swara.


When Swara turns to do her work, she slips, but Sanskar holds her. Although Sanskar is upset with Swara, both have soft corner for each other.

Sanskar Hurt

Apparently, Sanskar is hurt seeing Swara and Nikhil together. He misunderstands Swara. He tells her that she doesn't value other's feelings and now it is his chance!

Swara Angry At Sanskar!

He goes on and asks Swara to get married to Nikhil, who is her childhood friend. He adds that he won't stop her from marrying him, rather he would help her! This irks Swara, who pushes Sanskar out of her office!

Ragini Searches Lakshya

On the other hand, Ragini goes in search of Lakshya, along with Nikhil. They follow a girl, who has Lakshya's mobile. But just when they were about to catch the girl, she escapes.

Swara In Trouble

In the upcoming episode, Swara gets into trouble in the market. A goon misbehaves with her. Swara shouts for help. Sanskar happens to be in the same market.

Sanskar Saves Swara From Goons

Sanskar rushes to help Swara, who is hurt. Sanskar fights with the goons and gets hurt. Ragini comes to Swara's rescue. Well, who are these goons and why they hurt Swara has to be seen in the upcoming episode.

Swara & Ragini

Swara and Ragini are shocked seeing Sanskar fight goons. Ragini is also happy as she feels that Sanskar still loves Swara, and that's the reason he came to save her.

Story So Far...

Swara and Ragini, unknowingly agree for the marriage contract, but later they get to know that it is Uttara's marriage. Swara even, tries to stop the deal, but Ragini insists to accept the contract.

Ragini gets to know that Swara is avoiding Sanskar, because of Lakshya. So, she decides to reunite the couple. Swara has doubts that Ragini is trying to reunite her with Sanskar, but Ragini denies it.

Gayatri demands dowry from the Maheshwari family. She also gets to know that Sanskar is separated from his wife, who is a Bengali. She keeps a condition that he shouldn't reunite with his wife, else she would send his sister Uttara back, home.

When Swara and Ragini get to know about Gayatri's character, they wonder why Sujatha agreed to send Uttara to such a family!

In the previous episode, Sujatha gets to know that Swara and Ragini are taking care of the marriage arrangements, and goes to the baadi to warn them. Sujatha asks Swara not to reveal anything about Sanskar and to remain silent in front of Gayatri.

Gayatri would have followed them to the baadi. Fortunately, she wouldn't have heard the conversation, but creates a drama when she sees Sumi getting a fish!

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