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    Bigg Boss 13 Day 22 LIVE Updates: Inmates Celebrate ‘Rose Day’ With A Nomination Task Twist


    11:25 - Shefali chooses to interview Devoleena. She asks her what she thinks of being called 'bahu bani babe bani devil'.

    11:23 - Bigg Boss calls Shefali to the confession room. He asks her why she is throwing this kind of tantrum. Shefali says that the way Paras reacted to her interview will ruin her image. Bigg Boss tells her that she is the one with most experience to do such a task. He sends her back to conduct her last interview using her news anchor skills.

    11:21 - The buzzer rings indicating that Shefali has to conduct her next interview. She refuses to take an interview until Bigg Boss calls her to the confession room.

    11:19 - Shefali wants to talk to Bigg Boss in the confession room, and says that she will not interview anyone else until then. She even takes off her mike.

    11:17 - Paras gets up and leaves the interview saying it was pathetic.

    11:07 - Listening to the interview, Siddharth Dey walks into the house and tells Asim that he felt sick. The only thing the audiences are seeing is all the negativity in the house.

    11:03 - Shefali chooses Paras as her next interviewee. Shefali asks Paras why he hides behind girls and plays his game. She also asks him why he dumped Shehnaaz. He says that it is because she did not reciprocate.

    10:59 - Rashami refuses to answer the question on whether she is fake, and walks away.

    10:57 - Shefali, being a news anchor, is supposed to interview three contestants in the house that she thinks is the most fake. She picks Rashami. Shefali asks Rashami about Sidharth Shukla, the person she has most conflict with in the house.

    10:55 - Asim apologizes to Shehnaaz for not saving her. Shehnaaz says it is completely ok, and that she is happy he saved Aarti.

    10:53 - Devoleena and Rashami discuss that most contestants don't help out Shehnaaz because they feel she is anyway the strongest contestant. Rashami feels that, after this nomination, Shehnaaz might change her game, getting tired of being taken advantage of.

    10:51 - Sidharth Shukla, Sidharth Dey, Paras, Devoleena, Shehnaaz, and Mahira are nominated for eliminations.

    10:50 - Asim gets the rose and he gives it to Aarti. Aarti nominates Siddharth Dey.

    10:48 - Asim gets angry with Shefali because she pulls him when she prepares to run.

    10:45 - Sidharth Shukla reaches the rose first in the next round. He gives it to Aarti and she nominates Paras.

    10:43 - Asim strategizes with Sidharth Shukla. For the next round, he requests Sidharth to push him into the boundary of the rose so that he gets it first. The intention is to get Siddharth Dey.

    10:41 - Mahira nominates Sidharth Shukla.

    10:40 - After the first round, Paras, Asim and Siddharth Dey start arguing about who actually grabbed the rose. Since Rashami is supposed to monitor the task, she decides that Paras grabbed the rose first. He hands it to Mahira.

    10:35 - The task for the day celebrates 'Rose Day'. Male contestants will get to protect themselves from nominations by grabbing a rose and giving it to a girl of their choice. The girl who gets it will have the power to nominate one boy. The girl who gets the rose is safe from elimination.

    10:32 - Contestants take Salman Khan's advice from last night's episode to make the house more lively. Almost all of them start dancing when Bigg Boss plays 'Gulabo' to wake them up.

    Bigg Boss 13 is soon approaching its mid-season finale, and already three contestants have been evicted. On last night's episode of Bigg Boss, Abu Malik had to leave the house. On day 22, the contestants will celebrate 'Rose Day' but with a twist; it involves a nomination task. Stay tuned to our live updates of Bigg Boss.

    Bigg Boss 13 Day 22 LIVE Updates

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