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      Bigg Boss Telugu 6 Eliminations: Here's The List Of All Contestants Who Got Evicted From The House!


      This article contains the list of evictions in Bigg Bogg Telugu Season 6. The most recent week's elimination is at the top, and the earlier weeks follow.

      Week 13


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      Faima is one among four girl siblings from a remote village in Telangana. She belongs to a lower-middle-class family and is a hard worker since a small age. Faima debuted in the entertainment industry through ETV's Jabardast comedy show. She became quite famous for his broken English and jibberish terms.

      Faima was roped in as one of the contestants of the Bigg Boss 6 Telugu season and she showed her might. She was mentally stubborn and physically strong. She took part in more captaincy tasks and challenges. She became a captain of the house and did her job decently. Faima was friendly, competitive, and confident. She left the house due to a lack of adequate public votes.

      Week 12


      Raj AKA Rajsekhar

      Raj AKA RajsekharRaj, who hails from a middle-class background has worked as an office boy before becoming a model. He rose to popularity only through the Bigg Boss 6 Telugu show and was a nobody before, in view of the public.

      In the house, Raj was mostly to himself and couldn't make an effort to stand out. He was friends with everybody and played the tasks but it wasn't enough to survive in the house. Meanwhile, irrespective of public opinion, he has survived so many nominations and also was the one who didn't come into nominations for more than four weeks.

      After the new found fame through the reality show, it is to be seen how Raj utilizes the popularity to go further.

      Week 11

      Marina Abraham Sahni

      Marina Abraham
      Marina Abraham
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      Marina Abraham Sahni is a Telugu TV personality and entered the Bigg Boss 6 Telugu show along with her husband Rohit, as couple contestants. They played as one unit in the beginning and then represented themselves individually in games. Both of them are known to be friendly, cool, and composed. Marina was like a sister figure inside the house and mostly spent her time in the kitchen. Due to lack of qualities that make her stand out among the rest, Marina couldn't make it any longer in the house.

      Week 10


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      Baladitya is a well-known actor in Telugu entertainment industry. He has starred in tens of films as a child artist and appeared as the lead actor in a couple of feature films. He is a writer, music composer, lyricist, teacher, and an actor. In addition, Baladitya is one among the few who believes in philosophy and has a kind heart. He couldn't fit in the game format for his values and principles.


      Vasanthi Krishnan
      Vasanthi Krishnan
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      Vasanthi AKA Vasanthi Krishnan is a model-turned-budding actress who made a couple of appearances in Tollywood films. She was well known for her role in Sudigali Sudheer's film Wanted Pandugad and was also part of Sampoornesh Babu's film titled Cauliflower. The actress couldn't make a strong impact in the house due to her soft nature and no frills attitude.

      Week 9

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      GeetuGeetu Royal is a YouTuber, Radio Jockey, and social media influencer. She rose to fame through her review videos of the Bigg Boss Telugu show, which is why she landed an opportunity to take part in the current season 6.

      Geetu is a mentally strong contestant who goes to any lengths to get what she wants. She is wicked, rude, and selfish. She has no humility and displayed her flaws as her character that cannot be changed. She drew flak from the viewers by defaming Baladitya on national television and manipulating the housemates to her benefit. Her elimination was unexpected but the game show is all about- expect the unexpected. Probably, Geetu is the only contestant who sobbed and didn't want to leave the house. She cried and pleaded with the Bigg Boss to not eliminate her.

      Week 8



      RJ Surya, who is famous as Konda Babu, left the house during the eighth week. Surya is one of the soft-spoken people in the house. He played the tasks with dedication and gained popularity among female contestants in the house. He was good friends with Faima and Arohi since the beginning and later got close to Keerthi. During his elimination week, he had to face negativity for his alleged closeness with Inaya Sultana, who was the reason for his elimination. Inaya's behaviour at the time of Surya's exit irked the viewers and rest of the housemates. Surya had to leave the house with so much of negativity, unfortunately.

      Week 7



      Arjun Kalyan, who is nicknamed as the sweetest boy in the Bigg Boss 6 Telugu house got evicted midway from the show due to less number of votes from the public and the decision of the game show makers. Arjun Kalyan is known for several short films and web series. He made quite a mark in the YouTube as a hero. Some of his works include Play Back, Missamma, Nari Nari Nadum Muraari, Premam, Varudu Kaavalenu, Nenu Naa Girl Friend among others.

      Week 6



      Sudeepa Raparthi AKA Pinky was the sixth contestant to come out of the house. She was famous through her character Pinky in Venkatesh's Nuvu Naku Nachav movie and went on to star in several other films as a sidekick. She stayed away from the industry after her wedding but has been approached for this game show which she accepted. Sudeepa became one of the most-loved contestants on the Bigg Boss 6 show but unfortunately, due to the low number of public votes, she was evicted from the house.

      Week 5

      Chalaki Chanti


      Chalaki Chanti, who appeared in several Tollywood films as a comedian has entered the Bigg Boss 6 Telugu house as one of the contestants, who was expected to create entertainment. The actor tried to mingle and do his bit in the game show but failed in grabbing screen time for himself.

      Upon being nominated as the contestant who shouldn't contest as a captain throughout the season, Chanti lost his interest and refrained from doing any tasks in the house. He even protested by not consuming food and self-nominated himself for eviction. Eventually, Chanti came out of the house in the fifth week.

      Week 4


      Arohi was eliminated after the fourth week. She mentioned the following people as honest: Shrihan, Balaaditya, Keerthi, Surya, Vasanthi, Rohit, and Marina. She named the following as dishonest: Sudeepa, Geetu, Sri Satya, Inaya, Revanth, and Chanti.

      Week 3


      Vasanthi and Neha were in the danger zone toward the end of the episode. Vasanthi was saved, and Neha was evicted.

      After Neha saw her memories video, she was asked to label five people a dhammu and five as dhummu. She went with the dhummu list first and included the following: Inaya, Revanth, Arohi, Geetu, Arjun, and Vasanthi. She requested Nag to allow her to name six people. Then she went on to mention the dhammu list and it included the following: Chanti, Sudeepa, Bala Aditya, Shrihan, Adi Reddy, Sri Satya, and Rajsekhar.

      Week 2


      A double elimination was announced on week 2, due to the contestants being lethargic and not participating as much as they were expected to. Nagarjuna chose 9 contestants for elimination, and disregarded the already existing nominations.

      On Saturday episode, Shaani was evicted, and on Sunday episode Abhinayashree was evicted.

      Abhinayashree was asked to name some housemates some as honest or dishonest. Under honest, she mentioned Faima, Surya, Bala Aditya, Chanti, and Sri Satya. Under dishonest, she mentioned Revanth. The episode concluded with that.

      Week 1

      Arohi, Abhinaya, and Inaya were in the danger zone. Arohi was saved and then other two had to go through a task to find out whether they were safe. Both of them were declared safe.

      Nagarjuna said that because this is the first week, he wanted to avoid elimination, and he iterated that this does not necessarily apply to all seasons, and he was talking about the current season alone.

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