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      Bigg Boss Telugu 6 Episode 25 Highlights: Sri Satya Storms Out Of Her Team


      The Wednesday episode started off with a fight for washroom access, much like a dorm room. The idea was that the two hotel managers would discuss and allow people access for usage. However Raj created ruckus saying he had made a deal for the washroom access as well.

      Sudeepa got triggered and started questioning Faima, who denied knowing anything about this. She told Sudeepa that her team members had the freedom to earn individual tips, and maybe there was some confusion because of that. Sri Satya was asked about this and she clearly explained the only made a deal to feed Arjun, and there was not mention of washroom access at all.

      Vasanthi and Keerthi had a conversation between them, and wondered how Raj assumed there was a deal for washroom.

      Raj then had a conflict with Revanth and the BB hotel team, who was generally discussing the issue. Raj spoke up and said it was not of their business. Revanth got triggered and said it is their business and Raj was not to access the washroom. Raj walked out and said he will talk to the ones he made a deal with.


      Surya and Inaya were enacting a romantic scene. Inaya was playing along with his memory loss thing, and claimed to be his partner that he had forgotten.

      Sudeepa came back to Faima about the Washroom issue again.. After some time, Faima got heated and tried to explain that there was no need keep having the same conversation over and over again. Sudeepa got agitated and Chanti had to take her away from the spot.

      Bala aditya and Revanth had a heated dialogue about a certain issue. Bala was upset with the Revanth spoke. Revanth said, it was a force of habit, and he said that in a moment of frustration. Then the two calmed down.

      A meeting was held to discuss the washroom issue but the hotel teams, and Revanth was to guard the washroom until the meeting was over. Rohit and Adi Reddy were laughing at Revanth sitting by the washroom, and Revanth was like "Laugh all you want. We will see when we know wins the title."

      Vasanthi had to talk to Raj about her tip, and Raj was trying to flirt away the topic. She kept hanging on to the tip issue, Raj escaped without actually paying her.

      Surya went shirtless and Sri Satya wrote stuff on his body to make him look like Ghajini. He walked around looking deranged and tried to have some fun.

      Bigg Boss announced that for now Glam Paradise was to acquire BB hotel. Three members of the BB hotel staff were available for retaining, and the Glam team were allowed to pick their choice. They were also allowed to throw two people from the BB hotel team out of the contenders' list.

      It was announced that Chanti was assigned a secret task and he failed and so he was not in the contenders' list anymore.

      The Glam team discussed and chose to retain Sudeepa, Marina, and Geetu, and they threw out Bala aditya and Revanth.


      Sri satya got annoyed when she was not allowed to be a part of the group discussion and she decided to go solo and said she won't share her tip with anyone and she didn't need a share from anyone else

      There was an argument later inside the house when people were dividing the revenue and sudeepa started crying after an intense arguement. Satya changed her mind and gave some of her cash to Sudeepa.

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