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Is media not allowing Salman Khan to get over his past?

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We say "Live in present, not in the past." Yet, some of us don't tend to get rid of the bad habit of digging deep into someone's ugly past and make a hue and cry out of it. Talking about our B-Town celebs, Salman Khan could be defined as the best example of such a rude target.

Salman, the baddie:

Discussing about Salman Khan's past life, it once looked like Salman and controversies are the two sides of the same coin. The actor was once called everything from being a spoilt brat, hot-tempered, brash and badly behaved man. Say it his 2002 hit and run case, his involvement in hunting an endangered species, the Chinkara (2006), his alleged misbehaviour with his girlfriends or his purported underworld links, Salman had always hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons. But, witnessing the current scenario, it looks like the ghost of the past is too stubborn to leave the actor free.

No wonder, Salman is a changed man today. Salman is no more the controversy's favourite child. He has proved that a person can change with time and experience. Hence, the actor made several constructive steps to clean his baddie image.

Salman, now a responsible man:

Salman Khan, who has been vehemently seeking the release of Sarabjit Singh from a Pakistan prison, has started an online campaign urging people to sign a petition to free the falsely accused Indian.

Sallu's 'Being Human' agenda certainly acknowledges his efforts that are being implemented. With 'Being Human', he has gone a step ahead to make up as an impressive and more a responsible citizen.

Salman is a man with a golden heart, who is always ready to lend his helping hands to the poor and needy. He has also launched the careers of many stars like Katrina Kaif, Sonakshi Sinha, Zareen Khan and Himesh Reshammiya.

Hence, no matter what Salman had done earlier, today he has transformed himself as a gentleman and a matured personality.

Sohail Khan Hit-And-Run Case:

The recent Sohail Khan hit and run case have again entrapped Salman Khan and his family in controversy. In the recent tragic incident, a 70 year old pavement dweller was crushed to death in Bandra by a Land Cruiser owned by Salman Khan's brother Sohail Khan. The Hit-And-Run topic has been one of the top trending topics on Twitter today. Not only did a few insensible people tweet funny jokes over such a sensitive issue, Sohail Khan, who is very upset and hurt with the media reports, also said that the media has unnecessarily dragged his family into the unfortunate incident, which is unfair. He said, "The driver was alone in the car. It was the driver who caused the very unfortunate accident. He has taken the responsibility of it." He further claims that his family is extremely disturbed with the entire episode.

Reports say that neither Sohail nor Salman was there inside the car, when the accident occurred. Then, why are people unnecessarily pointing out at Salman's past and his innocent family?

Here are a few rude comments against Salman:

Swen: I am sure that Sohail Khan was driving himself and he killed the woman. His driver is just a victim. Sohail Khan would have paid him in lakhs to agree this. After all he is the brother of Salman Khan who killed 6 people in Mumbai. All three brothers must be arrested.

Sudha: Khan-Dhan is such if they commit crime in DABANG style and no one to take action against them.

Rajeev: This is what you call "Brothers in arm". Now both the brothers have same records. Now Sohail needs to kill an endangered species to match Salman's record.

Soman: These brothers have killers tendency. Salman killed poor people sleeping on pavement, with drunken driving. When not drunk then killed poor black bucks. Now Sohail has killed this lady, may be he too was drunk, that is why he is driving Rash.

Iman: It is bound to happen when too much of success and pride gets into your head.. .come down to earth Mr Khan & family and think like a common man as well... One such incident is enough to overshadow a thousand of good deed, so be humble and grateful and not be arrogant as you portray yourself at every event.

So guys, is it right to make a person regret his past deeds over and again, despite acknowledging his efforts of transformation?

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