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10 Things You Didn't Know About Shahid Kapoor-Mira Rajput's Love Story

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Is Shahid Kapoor really getting married? My heart will break the day it happens and all the female fans of Shahid would be devastated as well.

According to reports from different news portals, Shahid will be getting married to Mira Rajput this year. Wonder who this so called Mira is?

Well, let me introduce you to her. Mira is a third year English student at Lady Shri Ram College who finished her schooling in Vasant Valley School. She is freakishly intelligent or so I feel for she scored the 10th Rank in Delhi University's CATE (Common Admission Test in English).

A couple of years ago she even did her internship in the United Nations, she even posted a picture with Tom Cruise which she took there.

We could have never imagined Shahid Kapoor to be opting for an arranged marriage and that too with a girl who has zero connections with the Bollywood industry. But if what I recall is true, then Shahid did state in an interview once that he would like his life partner to have no Bollywood connection.

Looks like he got what he wanted! So good luck to Shahid for his marriage and before Mira becomes Mrs. Kapoor, gain some knowledge about the couple's marriage.

How They Met?

Mira Rajput met Shahid Kapoor through Radha Soami Satsang, a religious group to which both their families belong. As shocking as this may be, this is an arranged marriage.


Shahid has revealed a couple of months ago that he wants to marry someone who doesn't belong to the industry as it will help him see life from a different perspective. According to reports, the couple got engaged on January 14th.

Marriage Destination

The couple had earlier chosen Bali as their dream wedding destination but turns out they are now planning to get married in Istanbul or Greece.

Mira Looking After Shahid

According to a report on Daily.bhaskar.com, Mira has been over looking the renovation of his lavish sea-facing flat in Juhu. She apparently often visits the place to overlook the work and is also taking keen interest in the interior decoration of the house.

Marriage Date

Shahid had earlier announced that he would be marrying in December but according to sources, Mira's family is troubled with the scrutiny of their personal lives by the media and so both the families decided to change the wedding date to somewhere in mid June.

Close Friend Deepika's Reaction

Deepika Padukone and Shahid Kapoor had reportedly become close friends, so when she was informed about his marriage at an event, she said, "Oh my god, is he here? I am going to go inside and wish him personally.€"

Mira Deleting Friends

Since Mira's family has no Bollywood connection, they are reportedly afraid of the engagement and marriage news going public and so Mira has been deleting friends from her social networking sites since she is informing only those who are close to her.

Both Have Past

Shahid and Kareena Kapoor dated for three years, then he allegedly dated Priyanka Chopra and Vidya Balan. Mira on the other hand, was also in a relationship with a model, Aditya Pal for two years.

Age Gap

Mira is said to be just 21 years old, which means the age difference between the two is freaking 13 years. Lucky for her Shahid looks like he is just 24 years old.

Shahid Finally Getting Married?

While so much news has been revealed about Shahid and Mira, it is still quite difficult for us to digest the fact that Shahid is in fact getting married.

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