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      From Ashutosh Kaushik to Vikas Gupta; Here’s A List Of Bigg Boss Contestants Who Tried To Escape The House


      While everyone is excited for the start of the new season of Bigg Boss on Saturday, none should forget how mentally taxing the celebrated house can be. Time and again, we have seen contestants of the acclaimed show face health problems, mental breakdowns, or act completely different than their original personalities. However, there were some contestants who, for multiple reasons, wished to leave the show ahead of their elimination and decided to do that by trying to escape the house instead of opting out. So without further ado, here is a list of ex-Bigg Boss contestants who tried to exit the show unconventionally.


      1. Ashutosh Kaushik


      Ashutosh Kaushik along with Rahul Mahajan, Raja Chaudhary, and Zulfi Syed, were the finalists of Bigg Boss Season 2. They are attributed to starting the trend of escaping from the infamous house, that too a week before the finale!
      The four escaped the house by climbing its walls but were soon caught. As a punishment, they were asked to leave the show. Raja, Ashutosh, and Zulfi apologised for their behaviour. However, Rahul refused to apologise and left the house. Ashutosh went on to win the show while Raja and Zulfi were first and second runner-up.


      2. Kushal Tandon
      Kushal Tandon

      One of the most successful seasons in the show's history, season 7 was famous for a lot of things. For one, there were the budding romances between Armaan Kohli-Tanisha Mukerji, Gauhar and Tanisha's Rivalry, Armaan and Kushal's fights, VJ Andy's constant campaigning to becoming house captain, Kamya Punjabi breaking a world record, or Armaan's fights with literally every contestant.
      Another moment for which the season was famous was when Kushal Tandon tried to escape the Bigg Boss house. In a task, Kushal was throwing garbage and insults at Tanisha to get her out of the box. Tanisha, in retaliation, got out and pushed the actor. Kushal took the case up to Bigg Boss and asked them to give a verdict on the matter. When he got no response for a long time, he tried to climb up the wall. He later returned to the show but was heavily reprimanded for the action by Bigg Boss.

      Kushal escape

      3. Ali Quli Mirza


      In season 8, veteran actor Puneet Issar had an argument with Ali Quli Mirza. In that argument, he revealed an inappropriate comment that Ali passed about inmates Sonali Raut and Upen Patel. Listening to the comment, Sonali slapped him in anger. In retaliation, Ali demanded justice from Bigg Boss by packing his suitcase and running all over the house. Even climbed the roof of the house to escape from the place. In the end, Sonali was nominated till the end of the show as punishment.

      Ali Escape

      4. Vikas Gupta

      Vikas Gupta

      In season 11, the Ace of Space host was selected as the worst performer of the week by his co-contestants and was ordered to go to jail. After the contestants fell asleep at night, Vikal first escaped from his cell and then started climbing the house roof. He was called to the confession room later where he said that he is willing to pay the penalty of Rs. 2 Crore, but doesn't want to live in the house anymore. Bigg Boss asked him to rethink his decision overnight.
      Vikas Gupta Escape

      5. Shivashish Mishra
      Shivashish Mishra

      Shivashish Mishra was part of season 12 and came in pair with Sourabh Patel. Before escaping, he told co-contestant Jasleen Matharu that he isn't liking the way he's being portrayed to the outside world and doesn't wish to stay in the house anymore. After the conversation, Shivashish comes to a camera and demands to meet a psychiatrist. Even after repeating his demand 5 more times, Shiv didn't get any response. Shivashish then said his goodbye and started climbing the roof. The housemates noticed the act quickly and stopped him soon.
      Shivashish Escape

      6. S Sreesanth

      Part of the same season as Shivashish, Sreesanth was highly short-tempered and picked a fight with other contestants at a moment's notice. Be it due to a fight, or a punishment he got from the housemates, Sreesanth would always try to leave the show, either by knocking on the main door or by climbing up the roof. The cricketer-turned-actor ended up being the 1st runner-up, losing the trophy to his in-house sister, Dipika Kakar.
      Sreesanth Escape
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