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Karan: So both of you have had Shekhar Kapur in common. Both of you were waiting for your debut!

Karan: He's such a good boy na? My whole perception of him is that Bobby is a good boy. I've known Bobby very well personally but I thought thoda-bahut research to kar lu... you know I have a talk show today... but no rumor, no scandal, no problem, no controversy, no nothing ya Bobby. You are too good that way!
Preity: He's quite a good boy that way but quite a psycho also 'coz I got very sick on Soldier once and I was throwing up and we had a separate car as actors so we reached New Zealand first. The crew was coming with the bags and I was like... like you know when you have a friend and you can talk to a person at that time I told bobby... I'm feeling very sick... can I please come and sit in your room? And he said, 'No we cannot sit in my room... people will think we are having an affair!'. So he made me sit in the lobby!

Karan: What were you scared about Bobby?
Bobby: I don't remember this (Laughing)

Preity: Don't lie! He did not let me sit in his room. He said no, no, no you don't know the film industry, they start rumours, they'll think we are having an affair so we'll sit in the lobby.
Bobby: But hey, did you know. People do believe that we had an affair.

Karan: But there was a rumour about you and Bobby.
Preity: No! But the whole of Soldier, Tanya was there with us.
But you know when wives reach location's that's when the first rumor starts.

Karan: You said something about Ram Gopal Varma, my favorite topic. What did you say?
Bobby: It's really funny because Ram Gopal Varma would always come and meet me, say he wants to do a film with me and disappear.

Karan: Never come back?
Bobby: Yeah! So one day I was shooting for Tera Rang Balle Balle for Soldier and I was like in the van. We had one van with two sections. So I was sitting with Preity in her section and the door opened and I see Ram Gopal Varma. So I thought he must have come to meet her so I said ok Preity, I'll see you later. And I went on the set and then he came to meet me later and I said dude, you always come and go away. If you really want to do something, give me a call. And then suddenly Preity comes out, 'you this, you that! You left me with him!' so I was like what happened? He came to meet you. So she said no, he came to meet you! Preity: Yeah, coz I was sitting with him in my section of the trailer.

Karan: What was the conversation?
Preity: I didn't even know him. So I was like smiling and he was smiling back. And he was more awkward than I was because I was all dressed up for Tera rang balle balle and he was sitting opposite me and Bobby had just walked out and I was thinking, is he going to come back, why has he gone out? I don't know you. And I thought it's a bit rude to tell someone "excuse me!" so we just sat and he finally said, 'I've come to meet Bobby!" (Laughing)
Bobby: I didn't know he'd come to meet me coz he's always done a disappearing act on me!
Preity: and I told him this is my section of the trailer, which he figured out because he thought it was Bobby's section and he kept sitting there. He was very sweet!
Bobby: That was quite funny!


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