MAA Election Result Is Out - Rajendra Prasad Wins Over Jayasudha


    After a lot of hullaboloo, MAA election result is out. Rajendra Prasad has won the president post, leading with 87 votes on Jayasudha. Hopefully, its a curtains down for all the allegations and controversies.

    Both the panels have created a melodrama out of a mere movie artists association election and has provided a great entertainment for the outsiders, during the election time.

    However, the polling went on smoothly on 29 March. But the result has been postponed several times because of the case filled by O. Kalyan. Finally, after the court slaps down the case, the counting took place today.

    A total of 7 EVMS were counted and 35 officers were appointed in the duty. Right from the first round Rajendra Prasad was leading with 22 votes. After the 5th round it was almost official and he was leading with a majority of 53 votes.

    Apparently, both the panels celebrated the victory and a lot of congratulatory messages have been pouring in for Rajendra Prasad on social networking sites. Hope he keeps up the promises he made during the elections and respects the post.

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