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SHOCKING STATEMENT: I Can Be So Naked In Front Of Ranveer Singh Says Deepika Padukone

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Deepika Padukone has finally confessed that she loves Ranveer Singh and respects him a lot. The Bajirao Mastani actress recently said that she can be so naked in front of Ranveer knowing that he will never hurt her.

Both Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are busy in the promotions of their historical drama film, Bajirao Mastani. In a recent interview to TOI, Deepika Padukone said about Ranveer, ''He is my best friend (and this is not to be taken lightly). I am emotional, sensitive and vulnerable and I hurt easily. I can be so naked in front of Ranveer... and I know he will never hurt me or take me for granted.''

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''That is the kind of trust and understanding we have. The reason I love and respect him is that I can bare my soul and still feel comfortable. If this is divine connection - this is what it is,'' she said.

When asked , ''Are you a romantic at heart?'', Deepika Padukone said, ''Absolutely! I am extremely romantic. I like the typical candle-light dinners, flowers and all that attention, but that's a small part of it. If all that comes because of the man's personality, it is good. But if it is not genuine and he is doing it to just impress me, I will know it right away. In love, once you cut all the bulls**t, the real thing starts and that is the difficult part.''

Deepika Padukone further added, ''For me, giving up my career is not an option for family life. I want both and I will have both. I have always wondered why women have to choose between family and career. Men are never asked to give up one for the other.''

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone's Bajirao Mastani will hit the screens on December 18th.


On Being Competitive

''Of course, I am competitive, but not in a rivalry sort of way. I want my last film to compete with my next. I watch other actors' works, but I don't follow them,'' Deepika Padukone said.

(In Pic-Ranveer Singh Proposing Deepika)

Deepika Padukone On Other Actor's Films

Deepika Padukone further added, ''I don't know who is doing which film and whose release is coming up next. Honestly, I don't know where I am and I don't allow myself to be aware of it.''

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Deepika On Being Politically Correct

''Everyone around me tries to make me aware and conscious of it. I know when I say this people often think I am being fake or politically correct or too poised,'' Deepika Padukone said.

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On Working With Ranveer & Ranbir

Deepika said, ''People thought Irrfan and I shared great chemistry in Piku, but no one asked awkward questions then. They didn't ask him who I made a hotter pair with. In the case of Ranveer and Ranbir, they are always posed with the similar question - who looks hotter with me?!''

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Deepika's Interview

The beautiful diva further added, ''It feels awkward. There is no need to compare, and one does not have to be better than the other. Besides, it is not that complicated.''

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On Priyanka Chopra

''Sanjay sir was troubled by the fact that Priyanka and I didn't have a showdown or a catfight. He wished we didn't get along and he would actually sulk because we were bonding between shots,'' said Deepika.

(In Pic-Deepika with her boyfriend Ranveer)

Hot Deepika

''In his animated style he would tell us, 'It feels like you girls are doing fugdi before coming out of the van. This is not what I want!' We told him we will create it for him when the camera rolls,'' said Dips.

Ranveer And Deepika

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Pdukone's Bajirao Mastani is releasing with Shahrukh Khan and Kajol starrer Dilwale.
Both the movies will hit the screens on December 18th.

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